Amazing Life-hacks, Ultamite Technqe, Survivalist Camping Must-Haves/Do's, Magiver Cobbled together home made projects and catch-all Thread

Do you know a great trick for how to do something? Can be E&P related strategies of some kind, though they are better off posted in the gameplay section, no law says you can’t here if you want.

More tips/life hacks or cool way to modify something. Can be something you learn ages ago and most young people have no idea it’s valuable knowledge, saw a internet video with something you wish you knew before because it’s way better. Any project of any kind, home reno, building something, art project…anything thread and catch all for useful knowledge and cool stuff.

Post pictures, videos, descriptions of whatever it is you want to share. Discussion in the thread is fine, it’s a community thread after all, feel free to post if you tried and techniques and if you liked them or not, or if you have your own better method. And discuss away.

Please do not post links to items for resale on websites, a picture is fine, YouTube videos but not mercant links, it would be against community guidelines.


I know @Gwi is working on a sink base, perhaps they will post here when they want or it’s done.
This tip is pretty cool, and the video funny and the Chanel mostly does how to’s so the link to the channel is a tip…lots of cool/funny stuff, i use several hacks i picked up there :+1:


My “Ultimate” Fast way to eat hard boiled eggs

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This is not a life advice thread @MightyBombJack more how to’s with detailed instructions or video demonstrating it or at least pictures.

Don’t think anyone doesn’t know how to use a whiteboard and there’s on 1 way to actually use it.

Please use the thread accordingly, asking questions about a post is fine or a post about how you tried a tip posted and your comments doing so, be there positive or negative


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Always say what you want and don’t be silenced!

Check there is loo roll before using a public toilet

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You seem not to grasp the concept of this thread @MightyBombJack , if you want to post silly obvious general advice, go ahead and make your vague short tidbit joke posts, i don’t care enough to bother flagging them if you are being rude to the sprit of this thread for the purpose of attention seeking, you could have put more effort into the jokes. Hopefully people find a use for this thread and enjoy information posted if they find something useful someone took the time and effort to post, should anyone share valuable information that’s of benefit.

Enjoy being random, i do sometimes though i post what the thread is about before making a joke, and some effort to that as well :person_shrugging:


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I think your comments are very important! In particular, they shed a whole new light on the different flavors of snow…


Then they miss tampon blood red and mucus green, coloured snow. If your gonna make a joke instead of a proper post for a thread…you should at least put effort in the joke. Dam though people are vapid these days, no wonder most who use Twitter don’t complain you can only post like 2 sentences in a tweet, it no problem since dumb åsses don’t have anything more then that to say, must overheat their tiny brains to think of more to say.

There you go boys…that’s how a man makes effort to make a joke.


Short fuse, nice guy!

Don’t think to much of yourself buttercup, i just made a little joke, you must have very thin skin. I wasn’t even angry lol you would :poop: yourself if you meet me when I was if your that offended by my last post…kids these days lmao.

Do put a little effort into any jokes kiddo, though you might be to lazy as well as having brittle ears



Yep, nice guy!

Surely someone has some great life hacks!

It can’t be just me, can it?

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No @MightyBombJack you have as of yet to post any useful in this thread

This is useful though if you wear sweatpants to have less problems if you need to tie them to keep them up and not need to have to retie them as they loosen over time.

Not bad 5/10 but it’s still not as useful as my tips!

Perspective kid, mine is yours were worthless to me.
I don’t have tape residue problems and isopropyl alcohol works and its something i always have on hand.
I don’t have a white board
Even children are smart enough to know not to eat yellow snow, so I’m not sure who around here needs to be told lol.
I go to the bathroom outside usually, know what leaves dont chaffe and even just a big handful of grass is fine, though i try and have tp or even toilet wipes.
Most cities let me scream as i walk, life is frustrating on the road, even though i yell at people i want, kids can also hear, its regrettable so i try not to yell even at the people that deserve it since it’s not fair to the kids that also hear, so it’s NOT always best to say as you want, i don’t like those kids hearing and basically being afraid by proximity.

And this seems like not good advice

Should always leave a relationship before you hate each other, if your already at that point best to just forget about each other and move on. If you ended and remained friends, then you should always be nice to them. Saying be nice for a bit sounds like you want to use them, so a back up plan it seems to be worded as to utilize them. Seems like being disingenuous and hoping you can use them later to me worded that way. Bad advice and intent and not advance i care to utilize, as in being nice in order to utilize a ex for my own means.

You don’t need to like the post I’ve made so far in this thread, and i in no way have liked yours or found them useful, maybe someone will though it seems doubtful to me. Though mine might not be either, though they are to me, hopefully you keep remembering not to eat yellow snow kido :+1:


So do you hate everybody or just hate yourself a lot?

Your alliance were lucky to lose you weren’t they.

I hate everyone equally, unless i have a reason not to as in being treated with common courtesy. Right now I’m finding you to be incredibly annoying, it seems to be a consistent problem with your posts here, though i see issues with many of your posts i happen to see. Though i don’t care enough about you to hate you, as in your just annoying, and your lazy to even make worthwhile jokes so verbally sparing with you is Obsenly boring. Yip yap away if you like your opinion doesn’t matter to me.

I cared a lot about my teammates, played together almost 6 years, i miss them, they might miss me as well, maybe not. Either way i hope they are all doing well, Krispy onion and moma amber were especially very good friends to me, misa and Chrismoji were always able to give me a well deserved pimp slap a tint a good and very fair leader who’s biggest emphasist was playing hard but remaining together as a team. Go as them if they have any good dirt for you to be able to make a passable insult, as the ones so far are just lazy and boring.

Fine, I’m out. See you around


If you ever feel like making a good on topic post for the thread post away or come up with a good insult based joke have at it. Other then that I’m not interested in the game of children’s tag your playing as i find it unintesting. Even for combative verbal sparing, if it is boring I’m not interested. When it comes to dudes i have very little interest in anything, women are more thought provoking and work harder at their insults, they spend much of their time being caty with each other, they are more fun to do everything with typically. I’m a dude, know how stupid we are generally in comparison, they don’t dominate but they have way better odds of being interesting and cleaver, easier on the eyes as well. Sorry jack no kissy face for you lmao still if you ever come up with a good post, have at it, i always being my a game so beware.