Amazing Idea!

If there are a lot of such requests as you wrote above, then why not give this opportunity to everyone ?? These opportunities are really not enough. Every time I play this game, more and more I am convinced of this and I understand that this particular opportunity is sorely lacking. Even this would attract many more new players to the game)) This is really cool !! I hope you reflect on this issue, even I would say a Problem, not a question


Un/fortunately most of these ideas have been suggested previously

Most of it is tied up in this master thread:


Also regarding this last part

Most alliances use a third party messaging application like Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook etc… To organise these “war chats”


So hypothetically person A creates 5 alt accounts which with a few months of grinding and just a little luck some of those accounts (if not all) will get a good hero(s) then this guy transfers all to his main account. You don’t need to buy any gems in that case because statistically 99% of players playing, including f2p, get at least 1-2 hotms with free summon tokens or collecting for x10 or more pulls a few months. SG lose their profits. Gems lose their value, especially for people that are not in a real rush to get everything for short time. End of story :smiley:

Same applies for the “idea” of trading AM over players :slight_smile:

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I have 3 accounts… and hardly get to the 3rd account ever. Make a point when there are rare quests… but otherwise…
So when people talk about creating 5 accounts or more i call bs… dont tell me . Show me.
Also you mention luck… in order for a ftp account to get decent heroes you would need to be grinding those heroes to get their tc to lvl 20… at a minimum. And save all gems for pulls… and even then… the pull rates are aweful. My 3rd acc is ftp. Lvl 40ish. 2 5*s… and this is after a yr or so…
And if you have spent $ to do pulls for good heroes… then why not allow the swop. You paid for them after all. The game made money from it. Dont see the problem.

I have seen this ‘create multiple accounts to get all the good heroes’ argument… but if u think about the practicality of having to grind so many accounts… the time it would take… the boredom factor of doing the same thing over and over… realistically. Nah. Dont think so.

I think at the moment in the game for players the most pressing issue is this question. I don’t understand what could be the problem. Since this update is a drawback in the game. Don’t you agree with this ?? :thinking:

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