😲 Amazing E&P Hero Makeup Recreations by Fox_s_street!

@Fox_s_street has done an amazing job recreating three E&P heroes for the NYX Face Awards Russia 2019 contest!

She’s asked for some help posting this on the Forum, and our support voting in the contest!

If you’d like to support Anastasia in the contest:

  1. Go to https://nyxcosmetic.ru/customer/account/login and register for an account.

  2. After registering an account, go to https://nyxcosmetic.ru/faceawards/entries?limit=all&p=3

  3. Search the page for Анастасия Атангулова and click on the :heart: icon to vote.

The Voting Deadline is July 3

A reminder that the official language of the Forum is English. Please translate responses in this thread to English before posting, so we can keep this thread in the general Forum. Thanks!

Permission to promote this on the Forum was given by Staff.


Smart work! All conversions are very similar! You are smart! My vote is for you!


thank you for sharing! You definitely have our Vote! :white_check_mark:


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