AMAZING Atlantis 30-Pull

This made my day :slight_smile: … sorry about the sound quality but I had to share.


Congrats! Two 10 pulls and 6 pulls with coins and zero legendaries. I am high rolling the bonus chest like crazy this Atlantis though, got a Tome, Tabard, Tonic and compass out of 4 boxes.

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:tada: Congrats… I think you shared another 30 pull and didn’t pull any 5* - You just never know!

Congrats! That,s good lucky

@Sarah2 haha it was almost 100 pulls and I got one 5-star hero. Turns out, that 5-star hero, Misandra, is one I have leveled, emblemed, and use all the time, so not a complete loss.

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Yesterday I did a 10 pull from the elemental summons and was jumping up and down with hooping and giggling with excitement…I pulled 4 5* heroes…kid you not!..elena, azlar, and 2 bonus draws for hotm…i was just blown away! stoked!

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I got really lucky this Atlantis. I did a few individual pulls with atlantis coins, got nothing, but opened the chest. Gave me a scope, and was feeling lucky so decided to do 1 ten pull. And boom! 3 - 5*




Congrats on Ariel (she’s the best thing out of Atlantis) and Greg!

Atomos and Mok-Arr aren’t lucky pulls though :rofl:

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