Amalie’s Warriors Looking for new Recruits

We had a good portion of our player base leave due to E&P fatigue. Looking at getting our numbers near full strength again.

We are fairly lax, all we ask is that you be kind, hit the titan daily, and if you opt into war that you use all six of your flags.

At full capacity we were taking down ten and eleven star titans with relative ease, with us sitting at half capacity we are taking down eight and nine stars, hope to get back to the groove of ten plus.

@Ugito would you have any interest in talking about the possibility of an alliance merger? It seems like you guys are fairly similar to us, from what I can see on the surface at least. We are Akkadian Elysium, if you wish to have a peek. :slight_smile:

To be upfront, I do think mergers should be approached carefully and without rushing, to make sure there is true compatibility not just in the “numbers” but also the alliance culture and atmosphere, if you will. Anyway if you want to talk more, if you’re on Line, my id there is chopped-liver.

Sorry for the slow response. I passed it onto Amalie, she said she would reach out to you.

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