AMAA (Ask me almost anything)

Is the AMAA over? Dang, I was hoping to pick Kayo’s nit some more.


This is a big one, because this was something I actually reached out to the devs on, and they were able to provide me with a pretty insightful response, of which helped my gameplay immensely.


I think you somehow incepted me. I wrote immensely in my last response, thinking, “you know, it’s been a while since anybody’s used the word ‘immensely,’ I think I’ll use it here.” Then I looked back and it was the first word you used in your post.

Excellent inception!


I’m afraid I can’t answer that! But I do encourage people to subscribe to the Miley Cyrus philosophy when she says “We can’t stop. We won’t stop.”


Are you being purposefully non committal, vague and uninformative to parody the AMA published by SGG?


If I may.
You answered earlier about who you are and I thought the answer was pretty enlightening. Thanks for that.
I would like to know who Am I?
Furthermore, do you have a good tiramisu recipe?


This specific question, unfortunately, is one of those gray areas where I spell it “gray,” instead of “grey.”

I do appreciate the question, though! And I hope to get more like it!



20 unresponsive responses


You may be surprised to know that I get this question often, and it’s one, that by answering, I firmly believe can help take your gameplay to the next level!

I’d be lying if I told you that I did, or didn’t.


There are rumours that a secret level exists in season 1 map that allows players to get rare ascension materials like a compass and warm cape.

Could you reveal how to unlock that secret level?


The trick is, once you find it, unlock it like you would a locked level, and farm the sh*t out of it. That’s what I did, and it’s helped a lot!

Do that and you should be fine!


Do you normally glow in the dark? Is this caused by radiation or just overall awesomeness? Also, does it hurt at all? :wink:


Ok serious question:. Color stack or no? If yes, why does it work? It is counterintuitive to me. Is it an algorithm thingy? :confused:


Is your preferred pre-raid meal Kal-Kan or Alpo? And do you get extra treats for finishing above 2700 cups without flasking?


People ask this, and if I normally dim in the light, almost 50/50.

I can probably answer yes to this.

I like this. Simple question. Simple answer.

Thank you, and hopefully this gives those reading a leg up on the competition!


Finally, a chance to distinguish a certain play style. Ok, so, I’ve personally been a top player in the world based on choosing whether to color stack or no. And I can honestly say, one method has been monumentally better than the other most of the time.

Data has irrefutably concluded that without the question mark in this question, it technically wouldn’t be a question at all, so that’s kind of a key point when thinking about the best way to answer. Because, if it were just a statement, I wouldn’t even be responding at all. It’s just be another TMAA (Tell me almost anything). So from one person to another, I appreciate the question mark.

This is one of the better questions that will either make you global #1, or global any other number because It’s so much deeper than that. And it’s based on a friend of mine, that when asking her parents about things she didn’t know, they would tell her “You’ll find the answer in the Bible.” So there you have it.

Strong questions, with stronger answers, thank you for asking!


To really drive some P2P insight on this, I’d like to answer this question, with a question.

Without being able to get into full details on this? Maybe.


I heard someone say earlier today that “You should never play with fire.” Is that true and if
So what am I supposed to do on Saturdays from now on?


Some of my best playing advice has come from choosing the middle suggested word on my phone when typing, so in this particular this case of what to do on Saturdays:

“I’d say it’s pretty good for the key w and it’s a little more than we can get you to get a little more limited to this stupid question and then I got a new hero that I have a good board like this one’s in the back room of my friends from college and the people that are going and so I have a good board like that I have a good board in his office.”

I could have kept going, but based on the data, clearly I get good boards.


Random note. Had the best board ever in a raid today. First move set off a tidal wave that killed everyone but Caedmon in back left slot and he then died by attacking hero next to Boril. Literally lasted 4 seconds. Should move this to bragging thread though. Anyway. Later all


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