AMA God of Mischief

Hello fellow forum members!

I am your beloved God of Mischief!
You may know me from the game or the forum. I’m a co-leader of The Pirate Horde and play Empires for two years now.
You may also know me from being innocently around a few accidents.
Feel free to ask me anything. I will answer everything truthfully! Trust me!


I don’t know which sentence you lied in first on your introduction post.

To humor the topic at hand: When will Salmon Loki come back?


None. Obviously.

Sadly I am not omniscient but he may make his return as a 4 star hero in the next batch for season 3! Would be ashame to waste the idea and artwork.


You’re at a Natalie Merchant concert, smack dab in the middle of a moshe pit. Things start getting a little heavy and you get knocked to the ground, unconscious. When you come to you’re at the hospital, and there are flowers there with a card. You read the card, it’s from Natalie Merchant.

“ProfLoki, thanks for being a fan. - Natalie”

You can’t believe it. Natalie Merchant just wrote you a personalized letter. Your phone rings. You don’t answer, because the autographed poster of Natalie Merchant on your phone background has a different signature than the signature on your card. Turns out it was her manager that sent you the flowers and the note. Natalie didn’t even know about it.

Months go by. You’re spiraling. Natalie’s fan page won’t answer your emails. You just want answers. Your family left you. You’ve become obsessive. You missed the birth of your first child. Your attorney says you’re lucky to have any visitation rights at all. “He’s supposed to be on my side,” you think. But he called you a lost cause, none-the-less.

You wake up. 20 years have past. Natalie Merchant still doesn’t know who you are. You wasted your life away.

What’s your favorite number?


Not answering fan mails is considered a serious crime! Paying someone else to do it is even worse as it means lying to others (noone should do that!) and you drag someone down with you!

My first answer would probably be 42 but that is just soooo cheap. And who needs an answer to that question anyway?
So I go by 7. Like the number. Plus there is an amazing song about it from the german band Subway to Sally called Sieben (<- german for 7).
Edit: here is the link @Kayo


Where did you buy that outfit in the OP? It looks like couture renaissance fair garb.

And really? Those shoes? I hope that picture is not your profile on LinkedIn.

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Hihihi @ProfLoki want’s to get the jester of the Forum!


These are the finest clothes available to human and gods alike! I bought them at " G.o.D. - Greatest of Dressing" in Asgard.
I wanted to use the picture from me in my mankini but @voidstrike said it was to sexy and may cause some trauma

They are super well fitted and perfect if I need to run away…not that there is any reason why I should do that…

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I’d rather like to be the Puppeteer


You only become the Puppeteer by using Voodoo! :smirk:


Recently? Is retail open in Asgard? Thought they were still in phase 1.

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Recently is such a flexible term. I believe it was somewhat around the fall of the roman empire.

Do you expect to chase your card when it appears in S3? Any tricks up your sleeve to obtain your own likeness?

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Why can’t my wife just tell me what’s really bothering her? Why do I always have to drag it ot of her?

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No. Chasing heroes is just not worth it. Not even with a godly budget.
I did get a little bit lucky with the first S3 portal and haven’t summoned much afterwards on S3.
But I plan to save a few gems for my likeness and summon a bit more than usual.

It was clearly proven that your summon is based on your geographical location:


She is a woman. She will never ever tell you. She wants you to understand her and get it yourself. But that is impossible.
If she tells you it is fine: It isn’t.
Oh but she is probably mad at you for spending to much time in the forum and to many money on mobile games.

Is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?

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Yes. And you will use it if you use it.
There is no escaping the inevitable. You will lose. Unless you are a god. We don’t lose. We can wait until we get it back.

What’s going on with Syria?

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if i may interrupt and add a question too…What is my Christian name?

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