AM materials you won't use in this lifetime

Should I complete the “very hard” battles in quests to get materials for 5 star heroes that not only do I not have and probably never will at that rate I am going? Example I am facing morlovia to get a royal tabard even though I don’t have a purple hero.

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first post and I put it in the wrong place, darn it!!

You don’t have a purple hero yet.

ALWAYS collect 3* and 4* ascension materials as they are the key to unlocking all the heroes you will get. :slight_smile:


Yeah, collect the mats. By the time you want to ascend a 5* you probably stockpiled up. I’m gonna have 11 tabards after this quest, I’m fine with that lol

100% yes. Those materials take a long time to get enough of, so when you DO get a hero for them, it’s great to have them.

I think you should if you have enough power. There will be a point in the future where you will have a 5* and not enough Tabards. You will be wishing you did the quest then.

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You will get 5 stars once your TC20 is running so yes.


thank you. no I don’t have a 5 star purple hero, started playing this game about a month ago. I did randomly draw aegir yesterday. it will be a long time before I can use it.


Yeah, unless you have some extraordinary luck, you’re a few months from enough scopes for him.

That’s why you collect any materials you can when they pass in front of you.


got the tabard as suggested. Along same line should I save my warm capes (which I have two of) to eventually ascend aegir or use them sooner and fully ascend grim?

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Always complete the rare quests once you become powerful enough to do so.

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You will need 6 scopes. Those take a while. You will likely get more warm capes. You can either (1) bring Grimm to 4.70 or (2) bring aegir to 3.70. Most will say a 4.70 4* is better than a 3.70 5* but I think that depends on your lineup.

Regardless, Grimm is nice to have.

Yes, Ascend Grimm ASAP. He’s one of the very best 4* heroes, extremely useful in many situations.


Grimm, 100%.

You’ll use him for a very long time in the game, even after you build up Aegir.

Acquring a 5 star hero in any element is only half the battle, collecting the asc mats to fully exploit it’s potential is the other half… once you get that 5 star hero on your bench, you will be darn glad you collected all those rare asc mats!

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last question . A fully ascended wu kong or partially ascended justice
i have orbs to do only one currenty

Wu Kong. no question. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t already have a fully ascended Wu, then Wu. I’ve never had the need for more than one of him, but that one Wu I still use for titans and he was what carried me through the rare quests and challenge events earlier on before my teams got good enough to handle them without his special.

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funny thing happened, two days after asking why should my weak team “try” and collect tabards a hero named sartana popped onto the screen. I am far from being able to do anything with her, but I can get her to level 3 and am at least one tabard closer to her powers. thats why you collect mats no matter what. I get it now.


i went from a high titan damage of around 5k to actually getting 20k+ a few times with just Wu added.
Wu is good in titan battles. I get it now