Am I using Ariel wrong?

I was incredibly happy to pull Ariel during the February Atlantis event. I’ve got her at 3.70, telescopes locked and loaded… but I’m not sure she’s right for my team. My other main cards are Kunchen *tank, Evelyn & Joon *flank, Kiril and Marjana *wings.
Ariel consistently dies before shooting her special. I have reservations about pulling out Kiril. These are my first 5 stars to put 4 star ascension items on and I want to make the best choices.

Would my other 5 star blues be better for synergy? (Alice, Richard, Frida, Thorne)

Should I level a whole new team around her? Any advice appreciated.

Ariel is one of the best heroes in the game…at 3 70, 5 stars aren’t that different from 4 70 4 stars…sometimes not even as good depending on their specials. She needs to be 4 80 to be sturdier than kirils and she will be so much better than him then! And with her and kunchen together on the same team with her Mana buff up, he will become average Mana speed…so give her those Scopes and enjoy!


If you have Alice… Ariel should stay at 3.70. Max Alice first.

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Your main issue is that most of your heroes are not fully ascended.

Ariel is the best 5* healer in the game.

You can try a blue stack team on offense and see with Alice and Frida.

If Ariel can launch, one of your more devastating heroes is actually Leonidas who is basically a one man army if the conditions are right.

If you are going for defense, you are definitely lacking due to most of your 5* are not fully ascended. If you can max them, probably the below:

Evelyn - Ariel - Kunchen - Joon - Marjana

Sometimes you dont need a rainbow even due to hero synergy. I would probably swap Marjana for Quintus. I am talking without considering your AMs available here.

You have a great roster, just needing them to be ascended. :wink:


Disagreed. Ariel should be top priority IMO


Is Kiril’s years of service going to get him emblems, or earn him a spot on the bench?

Ariel can be an anchor around which you evolve your teams - she makes everyone else you have or may get stronger.

Assending her early lets you give her emblems - you have firepower, you have a center - just need time to build up your mats, pick classes that don’t overlap —

With her - your not going to wind up looking at say … a fully leveled Thorne … and a few months later feeling the E&P walk of shame :slight_smile:

If anything - your hitter heavy - because that’s what you have… check out 7DD guide for team building

But you can feel safe with Ariel — she’s the Joon of the oceans


Look at his roster. He has Boldtusk and Kunchen already. He needs variety to be effective in the game. A team full of healers isn’t going to do any good. If he can max a blue hero, it should be a sniper first a.k.a. Alice (even before Magni).


He has joon marjana and sartana for sniping. Ariel as a healer cleanser is better than anyone on his roster. When a few more times for those colors fill in, that will be a nice roster - 3 snipers ariel for heal/cleanse/mana boost and eve for dispel.

unless they have 10-11 scopes I would do Ariel if it were me.

There are lots of snipers; there is one Ariel.


I concur with @Dante2377 s assessment of the situation.


This is because your heroes are not maxed yet :slight_smile:

I would do Ariel before your other blue heroes but a more solid defending team is needed to be successful.


Yes but i would worry about defense team last - building up good attacking teams let’s you complete monthly challenge events and rate quests which give guaranteed ascension mats. Those should be the first focus - getting a team that can get all 3 completion bonuses for each monthly challenge plus defeat all stages of monthly challenge events and rate quests. That will mean you have a reasonable raiding team and can fill raid chests. Then focus on heroes for titans. THEN worry about defense (ie tanks). That’s why heroes like Kasshrek and Li xiu should wait until after other heroes that help more in the stages of the game that get you mats to improve your team.


Yes, these should be the priorities but he even seemed to be concerned about his defense :slight_smile:

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When i started my second account (ie when i knew how to play and ask for help) I didn’t worry much about defense until I could do the things I mentioned above. It led to my alt account getting to 2-3 teams of 70s faster than my first account, even though i spend decently on the first but cheaply on the second.


I really appreciate all the feedback provided . I agree my offense is stronger than my defense. Marjana, Sartana, Joon are great cards. The SG gods have been very generous with the hitters. They are the cards getting me through events, chests, titans and wars.

Follow up questions- for top 5, who works best with Ariel? Should I follow the advice of @AirHawk and bring up Quintus? Is there a tank that works better than Kunchen? I’m hoping to pull a Gwen or Arthur at Camelot but want to work with what I’ve got.

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Not in your actual hero’s rooster. You could use this as defense when they would be all at a good level, but keep in mind what @Dante2377 said here above about priorities:


Thank you. I think you guys confirmed my top 5 are in the right proposed order. I’ll take them as my first five and go from there. :slight_smile:

I’ll have Alice, Sartana, and Quintus in my back pocket for later.


I don’t usually favor snipers in the right wing for the fact they can’t change tides.

Heavy AOE hitters are usually more suited for that role as they turn tides in an instant.


Fast snipers are ideal on the outside. Slow AOEers on the outside will often never cast their special before their whole team is dead

You should be arranging your team based on mana speed IMO. Slow and average speed need to be in the middle 3 if anywhere (Mother North and Alberich are two exceptions). Outside ideally should be fast attackers.


Echo = Female btw :slight_smile:

Similar Question - Is Kunchen a tank for the masses (seems a lot have him) so folks can compete well or a tank of choice - meaning even if you went on a bender, woke up covered in gem wrappers and a bunch of tank options- you’d still consider using him?

Purple has a lot of good hero’s — and she seems to have received some Sartana love…

Does Ariel need Kunchen to be viable?

Also - Ariel ftw - she oprah’s Mana blessings on all your other cards, and has a speedy cleanse… you’d die in agony waiting for Kunchen to get his herb pouch untied…

She’s blue Rigard - and he’s like the Dolly Parton of healers… have never met anyone that hates him, and if they do - I think something is wrong with them lol


Also -

Please list your Assention items - recommendations may change depending on where they are

(Except Ariel - hair styling aside, she’s solid)

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