Am I the only one who loved the Christmas Event?

I don’t have a really strong roster, only one 5* at 4/51(Ares) , only one 4* healer(Sabina 4/70) and a few 4* at 4/70.

It was tough to beat all the stages, but at the same time really satisfying.

It was the first event where I had to use items like time stops and tornadoes, so I had to take some time and fight properly instead of just roflstomping everything.

Those frozen tiles + Mother North were annoying but a nice challenge in my opinion.


Liked it too!
SG did great! :smile:

Hmm I wouldn’t say love the frozen tiles, but I did love the rewards! And it was relatively easy to finish both normal and advanced modes. And I’d rather have an event than not have one at all because I’m sure as heck not going to be no.1 or 100 in the Avalon event. :sweat_smile:

I really enjoyed it . It was a challenge for my alt, with no maxed 5*

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I can only agree with you. It is challenging–also for experieced and advanced players-- and you are forced to think of a good strategy in order to complete the hard stages. That’s what in my opinoion the game is a bit lacking otherwise, unfortunately.

Hopefully, there will be more such challenges also for advanced players :slight_smile:

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It was definitely an interesting challenge, and with great rewards to boot. Quite time-consuming. I was lucky I had the right hero combinations available (Ares, Hel, and Hansel were key for me), so I did not have to use really high-end items.

Definitely not the only one :slight_smile:


I suck at killing Mother North, so using tons of battle items. But still awesome to get TWO 5* ascension items in one quest.


I strongly disliked the frozen tiles. I don’t think they were necessary for it to be challenging I think it just slowed the game down to a crawl, it was borderline unplayable. Maybe if they implemented frozen tiles in a different way it could be interesting. Like you start off with a normal board and if a certain tile hasn’t moved in x amount of turns it freezes or something. Just filling up the board with frozen tiles was just an annoyance, it wasn’t cute.

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I feel like the frozen tiles made it more challenging. Much like the bombs. Personally I applaud SG for shaking it up and slowing the game down. The frozen tiles, in many cases, forced strong players to actually play the puzzles instead of hitting autoplay.

Obviously just one opinion, but I dislike the bombs more :smiley:

I thought the bombs were fun!! They actually did something positive for you, a little extra mana for matching em up. A penalty if you don’t. The penalty didn’t hurt that much though for the most part. I liked the bombs. The frozen tiles didn’t do anything except turn the puzzle into an excruciatingly slow process.

who woulda thunk it… different people and different opinions… lol

Either way, the Xmas event is a super big win, with all of the guaranteed loot. Worth the struggle in the end.

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I really liked it! The last few advanced levels were challenging, but as another poster stated…made me think and evaluate which heroes, items, and tactics to use. I got through the last level on third try after some adjustments! And came here to forums to get tips/tricks others used to beat it, which really helped.


I am savoring the Christmas event. I love the frozen tiles and how they effect board manipulation. Bonus thanks to SG for increasing the rewards!
My only objection is that last years Christmas ditty was not included :cry:.

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It’s been fun playing the Christmas event levels. Still have the last two to go on advanced, but will finish those later today.

The ice blocks make for more interesting playing


Very boring! Very slow! An event that celebrates SATAN should have had possibilities of adrenaline. However this kind of game is a really slug type!

I think I heard crickets and the sound of everyone blinking as they looked around at each other, searching for answers

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I have to hear you explain how Christmas celebrates Satan, please continue

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Celebrates Santa*, damned autocorrect, I’m sure.




I don’t want to chat about issues that make people scared. The connections with Saturn in this game is undeniable. Watch it carefully, then, if you wanna to find the answers by yourself. If not, try someone else’s thoughts on this video, for instance:

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