Am I the only one strongly disappointed by the 1.12 update?

First of all sorry for my english…
But I think the title is clear.
I really don’t like this update.

One more time the SG intent is evident.
They are always slowing down the game.
They don’t want us to grow up faster than what they plan on paper.
Thay want us to play the game as they want and not as we like.

“Food and iron gains from Raiding are adjusted to also take the opponents trophies into account”
What does it mean? Mainly nothing.

Yes, it is a fair consept, but the reality is that they slightly incremented the raids reward for top players and strongly nerfed the reward for medium players.
You don’t like cup dropping? You think that the opponents trophies should be relevant?
Ok I agree.
But they solution should be to give a bigger incentive for having more cups, not to penalize who is in the average rank.

And again: one more point is the systematic lack of trasparency.
Opponents trophies are now taken into account? Ok… How? Why most of the player only see a big decrease in raid rewards?

Since I’m playing this game I only experienced nerfs.
Most of the time silent nerfs.
But this time it is too much evident to hide it and it give us a real feeling about SG nerfs.
Never mentioned in the release note, but all the levels I was use to play for farming have been nerfed.
Elemental chests have been nerfed.
Now raids have been nerfed.
Even mercs have been nerfed.

And all the new features introduced for giving us more chances to have interesting loots are epic fails.
Diamond chest? I didn’t see any improvement.
War? I even don’t comment.
Now we have rare titans, which can give us a “chance” to get a rare item.
As always. What does it means chance?
So far I didn’t yet see a rare titan, but I will not be surprised to find out that the odds to get this rare item are very low.

And what about the event?
Hundreds of thousands of player and only 10 can have a really valuable reward (4* ascension items).
And what does SG did?
They enlarged the lower rank rewards bracket…
No doubt on it, SG is really better in nerfing than in buffering!

New AW matchmaking?
AW involves 30 heroes for each player.
They just count the power of the strongest hero of each player.
I expect several unbalanced matches.

And what about the tickets? Mainly useless.
Automatically play always the same levels for farming is simply annoying.
In this forum we asked several time to simply skip watching auto attack.
And they invented this lovely ticket for something I onestly expected for free.

I perfectly agree that SG needs to make money.
But they should also take care about their customers.
If players are unhappy, they leave the game…

Which message did I receive?
If you want to grow up fastly, it is useless to play more hard or more frequently.
They only way to do it is to pay!

Why don’t they work for example at season 2 (announced in 2017) instead of working at all of this unwanted changes?

I’m very sad, because I really like this game, but I think SG is killing a part of it at every update.

In my ally, a lot of players already left the game, always for the same reasons.
After this release, three more players are up to do the same.

I’m just curious to see rare titans and 11*/12* titans.
Than, probably, I’ll do the same…


fully agree with every word

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Twenty characters.

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Your english is fine ). I also fully agree with 90% of what you say. Especially in regard to almost total silence on negative changes, and SG’s lots of talk about essentially minor improvements.

As many other posts indicate SG have much to improve in the area of communicating change to their customers.


after each update there are always small problems.
I think the support is aware of it and will make sure to restore all that.
I too have problems and difficulties.
a bit of patience :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

Same here. If the changes were made few days earlier, it was going to save me some money. I will wait for my vip pass to expire and I am leaving the game. The total BS that these loot tickets are was the last drop. I waited for weeks for a color chest and for reward instead of materials or hero tokens as usual, I’ve got these stupid ■■■ usless tickets. If I am strong enough for a level I will do it my self not with help from the tickets. Now they are messing with the chest rewards. Materials are with ridiculous low chances, almost impossible to get from titans loot and other wanted missions, now they are even harder to get because thr stupid tickets are involved. I do non want 2 tickets, I want materials and tokens. Greedy MFs…


Perfect and couldnt have said it better myself.

Eaxactly what i was thinking, i strongly agree with this post, the devs are running people off like crazy. We’ve lost 3 more to the changes mostly the nerfing of mercs. We lost 2 players on last update b4 this one. Think the devs would listen but they dont care about nothing but getting into your wallet.

I agree with this post. Useless update.

Actually they don’t need to make more money. They’re doing quite well… and were on the Finnish new about how much money they have made.
Also one thing people should know… this game isn’t made out of passion. They picked the best makers and who knew around mobile/game stuff to create the best team to make money out of the mobile game.

So it’s no surprising that the game is made just one goal in mind…
It’s pleasing people just enough to hold on but hook them to spend with unknown odds and rewards what just give the right buzz to get them to spend more.

And it’s not gonna changes. It slowly might get even worse when they have enough fishes in the hook who gamble money away.

Your English is fine.

I know people always are unhappy about nerfs (and happy with buffs), but both are necessary for game balance, often a balance we don’t get to see with an unbiased eye, since we’re too busy clinging to what was nerfed. (I’m a fellow player; I do this too.)

I don’t like every change, but I’m cautiously optimistic about a lot of them, believing there is a long plan here, not just short-term nudges in every direction.


On the raiding, I do wonder is so many newer/casual players would have their watchtowers cleaned out by raids so often that they complained, a lot. This major nerf to raiding is a major buff to the watchtower, which may be more useful to the casual players. To me, I think the raiding nerf costs them money from the raiders. Why spend to get more troops if your ability to level them is too slow.

I’m waiting to see a rare titan to see what I think about them.

Tickets are pretty interesting to me. A place for whales to spend money that allows them to save time, but doesn’t give a massive advantage.

I do think AW matchmaking should be based on Guild performance in GWs, but I think we all in Xtreme Panda prefer the challenge of trying to beat an opponent that is of similar power and also cares to try and win.

I’ll have to see how it goes. I do buy the VIP for the builder, but the low drop rate of 5* heros and ascension materials keeps me from spending to chase monthly heroes. Sure, I get frustrated I’ll never get those heroes, but I’ve seen people drop over $150 and not get the hero of the month. No thanks, not for me.

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Totally agree, now raids are completely useless, the only use for raids its fill the 12hrs chest, and make the 2nd builder completely ussles.
PD. And don’t want tickets I want asencion items or other stuff, there’s no use for those

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That was very well put! Exactly how I feel, and many of my mates. It has gone to a point that even making minor antidotes or arrows is a struggle, and backpacks disappeared too. No fun whatsoever.

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They didnt disappeared. I have them :joy:

Really? I have one builder on TC18 (iron) and one on an iron mine to lvl 20 (food).

As you can see from the pic, both builders are used, and I have plenty of both Ham/iron:

I won every raid today (and normally I lose!), so I’m not sure what others are experiencing. I am by no means a super-raider.

I love AW, and we have lost, several times. Our enjoyment from it has a lot to do with how we approach it I think.

Lastly, I have watched ascension items fluctuate for a year; in the last few weeks I am seeing more items not less. I encourage you to look in all the places they may be found in game:

  • Titan loot (the higher tier the better)
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare (colored) Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision
  • War loot
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If you’re among the individuals that suffer from the raid resource reward nerf, then yes I agree it’s hard to not be strongly disappointed by that. I certainly enjoyed the wealth of ham that came from my modest diamond raiding.

I can tell you though that if you have your farms and mines and your watchtower up to snag, that nerf doesn’t nearly hit you that much. So if the nerf hit you bad, wouldn’t hurt to look at those.

And if you belong to the niche category of players that has maxed farms, mines and watchtower and is now in permanent ore+ham shortage because of this nerf, well, seems the devs wanted to give you a message. You were delving to greedily and too deeply and now the Balrog is here for you. Apparently it was needed to slow you down some? Hey, I didn’t call for that, and I don’t really see why anyway. So don’t shoot the messenger here.

@Alberto1 you really said everything, what i feel at the moment.

I‘m not fully agree with every point you poked out, but with most of them.

I hope the AW come to a good end with this update now, i‘m pleased to met my very first rare titan.

Happy about all the buffs on the heroes.

To the chests, Diamond chests not useless, but they still can be better.

And yeah, the biggest part i‘m angry about is the raiding nerf and the event price system.

What i would like to see, is something like this, what you think about?

Problem is that most of the players in this game will not be this far yet. As I check myself (started late December) and now can start to build TC20 this week…
Most of players are still building the base and are (mostly) in need of resources. I think only small percentage is done and finished builing and can use all resources for levelling hero’s.
But the unballance between top players (have started longer ago) vs lower level players (started more recent) is not something this update has caused.

Some would argue that it’s the ability to adapt to nerfs and buffs that defines the “winner” of an online game. Personally, I define the “winner” of an online game as that person that has the most fun playing it. From that perspective I can see being hit in your particular playstyle by nerf after nerf will suck the fun out of a game. There’s so much any individual can take, before another game is just more fun.

I don’t know exactly why, but I can speculate. Apparently the game devs did see a pack of players moving too far ahead too fast? I’m an active player, small spender (just VIP and the odd cheap deal), and I’m still seeing my activity allowing me to easily outgrow lesser active players. Maxed farms, mines and watchtower do help.

There’s another perspective here as well: lesser active players lose more through their watchtower than more active players. That leverage is still there, but it has been made much less powerful. I actually do think this is a beneficial thing. Because the frontrunners do need the bulk mass of other players. And the gap between these two needs to remain bridgeable. As it used to be, the advantage of being an active raider was quite massive and only capped (literally) by the capacity to store ham/ore and by the capacity to obtain items to convert that ham/ore into game assets.

I’ve actually had to make decisions on where to put my ham/iron into, because my first choices were too expensive. That in all earnest has been a while ago, because I was being flooded with ore/ham. I went for second choices that were still very much okay, but the point here is: the game is allowing me to make more meaningful choices. I’m having to plan ahead more. That, to me, is a good thing. I like the extra challenge. But, again, I’m not hit as hard as some because of my strong resource generators.

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