Am I the only one getting

Tons of 1 stars from low cost trainings and uncommon trainings

Past 2 days the drop rate for 2 stars have been 1/6


Thank you, I’ve been noticing this, too. Clearly I need to start tracking this for statistical check.


Noticed the same as well. :rage:

The norm for me.and
just did a 60 hero level up

I tracked 1002 uncommon and low cost trainings for 1 star vs 2 star. it was 501 to 501. I did see big streaks on any given day where it was lopsided 75%/25%


That data was definitely not in the past 2 days

I’m talking about recently

my last 10 just now were 6 2-stars and 4-one stars.

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Same here, had a bunch of uncommon 2* and some 1*, i thought 2* showed up more often on these trainings
Never collected data though

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I had a feeling the rates had dropped yesterday, too. Withdrew 21 extra slow this morning though, and 13 of those were 2*.
Will keep an eye on them for a few days though.

I had an incredible string of 1* hero too!

Was it because i only do super fast?
Probably :roll_eyes:


I just spit a mouthful of drink onto my lap. Kudos.

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Pretty even for me as well for both low cost and uncommon trainings

Still getting a ••• of 1 stars

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Mine seems to have balanced out.