Am I the only one? - Alliance Members Not Using Flags

I’m not sure how everyone else feels but it seems time and time again the same discussion with alliance members comes up about unused war flags I mean how hard is it to understand .
War is optional but if you opt in you are compelled to use your 6 flags !! Pretty simple right ?
War is a team effort often close by points so those flags can make or break it for everyone


Is a common issue in many alliances, for some odd reason. Most of my alliance’s war wins are because our opponents didn’t follow that one most basic of rules.


And while rl can interfere with even the most dedicated player at times, some, sadly, use it as a habitual excuse why they never hit, as opposed to being honest and saying just couldn’t be bothered.

It’s a frustrating thing to lose by a few points with unused flags left on the field.


Simple, give them one chance to not use all flags. Let them give a reason why and if they do it again, boot em. Simple as that.


We promote everyone to elder, then demote if they leave flags / miss a titan. If they are just a member and do it, they get booted. Once a month, we promote the members to elders again.


Some players don’t use all flags if they feel their 4th, 5th, or 6th teams aren’t strong enough. They don’t understand that even attacking with an only 2* heroes team can earn one important and winning point.
There’s a lot of players that berate them without making them understand this fact before.
Another reason is the length of time allocated for war. It’s too short to be long, but too long to be short.
I sometimes haven’t use all my flags not because I didn’t want to. But because you have to wait for them to be charged again. And while waiting and waiting, something in real life comes up, and when you connect again, war is over.
Now I have opted to wait to get the six shots. For me it’s easier to manage war time that way and since then, I don’t usually mess with my flags anymore. In fact, there are lots of gamers that wait the last two hours to attack. Makes the war really boring the rest of hours but that how wars works.


I left all 3 of my alliances because of others’ war inactivity.

Now that I’m merc’ing, I find the game much less a burden. I hit a titan when I want and never have to worry about war timer. There are lots of timers in the game, but getting rid of these 2 really helps as these are the two that others count on me to make.

It’s more of a game and less of a responsibility.


The game can certainly feel like a responsibility if you’re not careful. Personally, I never once opted into midweek wars as the timing of it didn’t mesh well with my rl. Weekends I’d opt in if I felt like it, but not every time. To the OP though, anyone opting in should always use their flags.

To each their own, but I was never that fussed with the wars at the best of times. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


idk how is your current progress but I could recommend you to change your alliance with more competitive one. Thats the most logical thing to do…

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Okay. I’ve been wanting to vent myself about how the stupid matchmaking system keeps pitting my team against opponents that we can’t possibly beat using all of our flags, let alone half of them or whatever some of these lazy alliances do…

But that would be off topic, and nobody cares, apparently SG is “working on it” blah blah blah… yeah, waiting on them to address an issue, might as well pee into a headwind and wonder why my pants are getting wet…

Anyway… on topic.

I am going to misdirect my anger here. And righteously so, I think.

I fully 100% agree that the game should not feel like a responsibility, or a full time job, or anything like that.

But seriously people.

How long does it take to use 6 war flags? Or to do 3 titan hits? Is that really asking too much?


If it’s too much work to use 6 war flags, how about hey maybe here’s an idea… opt out?

It’s very easy. 15 seconds could save your alliance 15% of lost war points. Click and done. Out of war, out of mind.

Not understanding why anyone… anyone at all has a problem with the basic 6 flag per war requirement.

“Oh I don’t have 30 heroes for wars!” Then opt out.

“Oh I don’t have time to use all 6 flags!” Then opt out.

“Oh I don’t feel like using 6 flags!” THEN OPT OUT.

Opt out and everyone’s lives, including your own, will be better for it.


Left my first alliance for exactly that reason. Folks felt their weaker teams would do no good so “excused” themselves from the second war half. Same with titans. Folks hit the beasties when they feel like it, then complain when the Titan escapes. Nearly 25% of alliance just hangs out. Yes, war can be stressful. Just opt out. Simple. Titans not your thing? Then why are you in an alliance?

Makes no sense to me. But then, not much does these days…


Lol I don’t think my alliance has EVER used all our flags. Closest we came was six unused. We just don’t worry about it.


Give leadership the option of opting a player out of wars who doesn’t communicate or use his war flags but consistently hits the Titan. This option can be restricted to members. Elders and up already communicate and those that don’t can be demoted. Off topic: Why does the keyboard here capitalize first words in a sentence but not in the game?


My first alliance, I was a low level with crap teams. When I reached level 12, leader said “oh TGW, you’re now high enough to do wars. Make sure you have 30 heroes!”

30 heroes??? :open_mouth:

I’m a level 12, man!!! I barely have 5 heroes as it is!!!

But I did as he said. I kept 30 heroes. A bunch of unleveled training camp feeder trash. Held onto them and leveled them up before the war to try to do the best I could. And I did the best I could. Got destroyed, obviously. But I kept at it. And I kept those 30 heroes, and leveled them up for the next war. Did much better the second time around, and better still the third time, etc.

I stayed in, in spite of being one of the weakest teams on the board. And eventually I got to a point to where I was actually gaining points for the alliance vs. the points I was giving up.

They asked me, “how did you get all those points? Did you buy a bunch of heroes that we don’t know about?” Nope. I killed that last team with Sha Ji, Needler, Layla etc.


Yeah. That’s what I used, because that’s all I had left. But I used all 6 of my flags. Did I do good enough, boss?

“Let me get this straight. You scored all those points with 2* heroes?”

Well… fully leveled 2* heroes, and I had to flee a couple of times because of Field Aid, but yes. Mostly 2* heroes.


Wow indeed.

Granted… that was a training alliance, and my team back then wouldn’t even tickle the alliances I’m forced to fight against these days… (again… another story altogether… GRRRRR)

I got the nickname “2 star hero” in that first alliance LOL… eventually I was able to replace all the 2* heroes with 3s, and now I’m up to 4s and 5s… but the point is, my 2* heroes were able to make a difference. At least against the lower level opponents we were fighting back then. Not sure if they’d be even remotely useful against the teams I see these days.

But that still doesn’t excuse leaving flags unused.

I’d have more respect for a player who hit 6 times and only scores single digits on their hits vs. a player who one shots one team and leaves their remaining 5 flags unused.

I don’t care how many points you score. All I care about is that you tried.

WOW. I’m guessing you guys have easy opponents?

EDIT: seriously @nevarmaor… how??? My alliance is barely scraping an occasional win here and there after using ALL flags…

I really want to know. Are your opponents that much weaker than yours? Or are they all just equally laid back?


It doesn’t seem fair when my alliance uses all flags and our opponents can beat us only using half of theirs.

“Git gud nubs”?

Well thanks to stupid matchmaking, 3 of my lower leveled ‘nubs’ unanimously decided they don’t want to war anymore. Because… you’re asking guys with mostly 3* heroes to try to take down 4500 GTV defenses? What da @#$% is dat :poop:?

That’s not cool.

I don’t understand how anyone is able to win a war without using all of their flags. Probably because my alliance has never faced a team that was weaker than us.

Cue the jokes about how I must be in the weakest alliance of all time. If that’s the case, what do you call the stronger alliances that we’ve managed to beat? Me? I call them lazy. Because they didn’t use all of their flags.

Are you saying that the answer to getting easier matchups is to start slacking on purpose? Is that the only way to reset the broken matchmaking system?


Yeah this is a thing that annoys everyone.

My old alliance was crazy laid back (which was its own worst enemy in the end…but that’s for another time)

The main Crux of annoyance was when you’d get the same person not using war flags for the 3rd straight war and it was a case of “don’t make us be the bad guys and kick you”

And then they would make us be the bad guys and kick them


That’s the one thing I hate most about being an alliance leader. I hate being the bad guy.

But if I don’t be the bad guy, everyone else will start mistaking my kindness for weakness, and next thing you know it’s anarchy.

Which is why. I beg of my alliance. Please. Pretty please. Do not make me have to be the bad guy. Because I don’t want to be the bad guy. But I will if I have to, because I have to.


If you’re looking for an alliance who actuallly uses all flags we’re 15-1…

  I started a second account so that it could be the hatchet man. No more bad
  I also filled my ranks with one of not 2 star heroes for war but I only leveled the 3 + * heroes. I would use the feeders first to clean up the left overs from another player's hit and feed them to my 3*+ heroes afterwards. Then I'd use the strengthened 3*s in the war. I'd refill my ranks again just before the next war and so on.

This. Oh man, I feel this.

But I recognize that if the alliance leader isn’t sometimes the bad guy, the lazy take over and the good players leave for greener pastures. We are by no means a top anything alliance now but we have 29 people who enjoy the game and the challenge of team work.


yeah… those trusty 2* war team… good ol’memory in the past… (ehm… actually its just like 20 months ago…)

Been there. going to the war just with Zudak, Layla, Needle, and Jenneh… sometimes un-leveled. getting 1-2 points when I’m lucky. but those are the 1-2 points we need to win the war…

Every points matter.

Nevertheless, I know that real life matter the most. I’m not a fan of coordinated attack on the exact same hour, at the end of the war window…But when you tick that participation button, it means you’ll agree to use 15-30 minutes of your time to do 6 shot. UNLESS something serious happen, like getting chased by Thanos’s minion (Still you can attack while running tho… weak excuse!).

to be honest I can still accept emergency related excuses (like having to visit hospital). Having “too busy at work” is just annoying because you should be able to organize your job or opt out war. simple