Am I the only one afraid of level breaking heroes?

I’m seriously thinking about doing Proteus and Ametrine over any 5* purple myself. They are great heroes that would seem to benefit more from limit breaking than the rest.

Good choices I think. I don’t have Ametrine, wish I did, but Proteus comes with me almost everywhere. He and C. Rigard are most likely for purple aethers. However, I’m a holder-offer for the time being. I’d rather collect a full set of aethers - like, enough to do a 5* as well, at least - and watch what others are doing with theirs before taking the plunge. I took a similar approach with emblems when they were new.

Yeah the only 5* I’m even considering are my raid/war defense which are the same team

Other than that I am 100% only LB 3/4* heros.

My plan is to hit the 5* LB with the aethers from the second quest of each color so obviously far down the road. In the mean time I’ll have many useful LB heros 4* titan heros that hit 800 power and I use them on mono war attacks now, and 3* heros that will help tournament wins to in turn get more aethers.


Boldtusk and Sapphire have already broken their limits. Can’t wait to have Marcel, Mist and Amertine break their limits too.

I’m thinking to just break the damage dealers.

Intriguing as I solicited advice and it may have been you that suggested to limit break Scarlet but I have decided to go with costume bonus BT also. Scarlett is just not a good fit in my roster, except for green Titans whereas BT gets used on a daily basis.

Thanks again for your input as your hugely helpful ideas were the basis of my decision.

Happy gaming. :slightly_smiling_face:


Analysis paralysis… I love it!! Omg that is so me, I’m so afraid of making choice. Hours of reading forum posts,googles searches and analyzing websites and YouTube videos… and still do nothing in fear of making mistake …
What sad part is, I didn’t even put this much effort into researching cars,majors appliances, apartment or even houses when I got one… lol

I am right no board with you. I have enough to do a red, blue, yellow 5* but so worried about picking the wrong one. Scary part is I am not even worried about “what if I get a better one”, I just can’t pick between what I have now!

Blue - Zircon, Skadi, Lord Loki, Milena
Red - GraveMaker or CVanda
Yellow - Odin or Wolfgang.
Purple (Lesser note) - CRigard, C Sabina, or Proteus

I have done the Pig, CKiril, Noril, Maeve


@RandaPanduh ( their collection of 5* 3.70 heroes is legend ) this is a person you need to chat with, a kindred soul


I find good 4* heroes a safe bet

(Deciding where to spend your class emblems - Tourney update 2019-Mar [Math, Analysis] - #101 by Gryphonknight)


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OMG your description of raid tournaments is spot on. Exactly my situation haha

I can understand the hesitation when you dont have a A+ hero to LB, but its a huge step in the game that at some time you will have to do. Every 5 months you should be able to limit break 1 hero of each color as long as you hit the extra 1 material from tournaments, wars, Alliance quest, or deals (I refuse to pay for them). I’d recommend to focus your 1st batch on heros that perform at all aspects of the game, ones that special damage will benefit from the large atk boost, and try to avoid healers if possible. If you plan on doing summons I’d hold off a bit but try to at least have a blue and soon a red in December. I tend to try and not drain all material just to do it.

I’m in the same boat. I have enough to do a blue and purple. i’m leaning on using it on offensive/raid/war heros rather than on my D team. For blue considering lord loki or Bobo, then purple has so many, xnolphod, lepiota, maybe moreau? my d team is Frigg, bobo, gefjon, wolfgang, and bera. The middle 3 get used on offense a lot so seem suitable for LB, i won’t LB Frigg or Bera since they def aren’t used on offense as much.

Aethers are just so rare, and no reset button. i am worried about the same things too, what if i make the wrong choice, or get something better. i keep talking about doing some 3* or 4* but the required mats for the 5* make is weird thinking about using the other LBs. Like many other things, SG has confused the conversions to make it more difficult to understand. They do this w/ summons (i.e. needing 100 season-coins, 10 challenge-coins, 5 costume keys, 1 EHT) so it’s tough thinking about value for C2P and bigger spenders (though bigger spenders are less concerned)

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Testing raw 4* and legendary’s at 3.7 used to give meaningful information.
Like digging into a mine with a pick-axe.
You could walk-out with great finds!

Now that rosters have completed SG’s non-negotiable evolution,
in multiple ways…
And harvested event creeps galore…!

Testing out raw heroes before committing materials is like standing at the entrance of the mine and being handed a spoon.

Who wants to go through the effort to drop down to the Bronze Arena so they can test out their new Epic? :yawning_face:

I see this problem increasing…
Making material even more valuable!
Spenders that wind-up with plenty of
LB’d rare & epic collecting dust in their roster will have no problem forking out more dough to continue their hurtling spree of waste.

And when the cap gets moved again…?
Good luck finding value in your roster.
Here is a toothpick
Now start digging

But you will be able to come here and solicit advice about strategy from spenders

That’s always so helpful

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Use loot to get loot

I agree

See below


It’s not just you. The move is irreversible.

I’ve applied it to two heroes — one of them was Alfrike. My next will be Ruby. Elite-level heroes in terms of Special Ability that I believe will always be useful.

I agree with this, I am not going to LB any hero that is just used on defense primarily (e.g. my Frigg). Master Lepus gets used in offense and defense so he has been done.

Lord Loki is one that is used solely in offense but I have done him too. He needs a bit of survivability plus being able to use all the opposing specials with an attack value of 939 opens up a lot of doors.

I wouldn’t hold off on doing the valuable 4s. Anyone I have talked to - and myself included - has benefited greatly from LBing they key 4s. This is particularly applicable to good healers and mana controllers that had trouble surviving at the top level (e.g. C Sabina, Proteus, C Mel, Guillinbursiti, etc).

I pretty much agree in relation to 5s as most 5 healers have pretty high survability already. But in regards to 4*s there are many good ones that can die early and LBing these so that they live long enough to use their specials gives your chances of winning a big boost
That said, I am thinking about LBing Luigi. He is already very beefy, but I find him so useful and take him to say many raids with me that I feel he would benefit from it (especially considering he doesn’t heal whilst a ghost)

Lord Loki is awesome, but Lepus?

Tbh, I’m not necessarily “afraid” to limit break, but the way this game has been going, the devs keep adding events and heroes to the point where limit breaking someone you like now might end up being a bad choice when there’s a hero that might end up having the same skill or stats as that hero at its own new max.

I’m essentially over here with every 4* defense down hero possible. Kinda waiting on a 4* ice defense down hero to appear before I follow the others who chose to limit break Nordri, the current choice I have for the group.

This game don’t last forever. Neither does your interests in this game. Use Aethers to break the heroes and play the game at their fullest. And waiting for better heroes to come by ? With the RNG you never know what luck brings the heroes. You could wait forever.

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Do I break Alfrike? Or what about C Victor?
Alfrike is one helluva defender and the boost to her defense stat should keep her alive longer if she is to face a mono yellow team.

C Victor’s DoT goes from 40hp/turn to 50hp/turn. Not a lot but being very fast and having a stacking DoT, that thing could get scary…On top of being paired with Clarissa on my attack team, or partnered with C Gravemaker on my defense. And the limit break would give him a nice boost in his defense stat.

I also could just keep internally debating this issue until the the next Dark Aether Quest comes up.

He hits with the same strength as a sniper - plus doing half damage to nearbies. I use him in conjunction with Kiril (C) & Frida and thats usually one or more kills right there. I am lacking in hard hitters and he is one of the few that fits that bill. His main weakness is his fragility - and LBing him mostly fixed that (plus makes him give an even bigger whallop).

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