Am I the only one afraid of level breaking heroes?

I am afraid of level breaking heroes. I have bunch of aethers, but I am too scary. What if my choice is wrong? What if I’ll get something better soon? What if?

At the end of the day, I am sitting just looking at aethers and not doing anything.


There’s no easy answer. If you wait for someone better, you’ll be trapped in the cycle of never level breaking anyone. Best heroes are the ones you have.

Nice thing is if you complete an Aether quest you have enough to level break 2 3s and still have enough of those ones to hold onto for a 5 so start there.


Why aren’t you scared of doing nothing? You’ll get more eventually, but you’re missing out on the use now.


You should have a Blue or Red 4 star that you use all the time. If you don’t limit break them, you are missing out on beefing up a hero that helps you a lot.


Always remember it’s a game, don’t stress to always be perfect at all choices do the best you can and if it’s wrong you learned something. A 4* hero you use a lot is the best thing to do as many of us have found.


OP is not the only one with analysis paralysis. Also guilty here.

I did finally LB Sonya. I use her a ton and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Haven’t used any red ones, though. I have no 4* red i use nearly as much as Sonya.

I’ve pretty much written off 3* tournaments, which is a shame they used to be fun. But I’m not interested in going all in breaking 3* so I’ll just throw my flags, collect my top 25-50% loot and count them toward my raid chest on Monday and Tuesday…


If you’re worried about using your Aether on a 5* now in case you get a better hero in the future, I would say go ahead and LB the hero you have chosen.

Why? The worst case scenario here is that you get a better hero in the next 5 months. If using up some Aether is the sacrifice to get a better 5* to what I currently have, then I’d make that choice every time. You still can level up the new hero to 4-80. We’re not talking about the 4* ascension materials here.

The ‘best case’ and more likely scenario, you don’t pull anything better and you enjoy using your level 85 hero for 5 months until the next LB quest.


I’m pretty sure you are not unique. I have solicited advice here and made my decision but just can’t bite the bullet…

Good luck with whatever you choose. :slightly_smiling_face:


Then why Max heroes and use ascension mats if you are maybe getting a better one later?

Why using emblems if you may get a better hero later and even if you restart the hero you have to lose a ton of iron and food?

It’s the same throughout the game, just LB them and enjoy.

I have LB kiril and the black knight so far, no regrets, even less with the BK.


Asc mats aren’t THAT rare.
Emblems can be reverted

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Ultimately this game promises nothing.

What if’s are exactly that.

I’m limit breaking the heroes I use the most. Because currently they are best I have and even if a better hero comes along it will be one of the lesser unbroken heroes I drop.

If this game would kindly give me the 5th Blue aether I’m taking Finley over the line with zero hesitation


Asc mats when you have to get 6 to ascend a 5* are about as rare as aethers, still, rarity plays a minor role in all of this, the key point is that you’ll always doubt whether it’s the right time to ascend or boost a hero or you’ll be better off waiting for something else to show up.

However odds in this game are absurd, so the chances of you getting it all wrong because someone else will come your way soon are pretty much slim unless you are beginning and your best purple hero is Layla (for instance). Not using the aethers because there is a .05% possibility once a month to summon that one hero you’d rather ascend is mental, it’s a calculated risk and it’s worth taking, worst case scenario if you would really get that hero you’ll have to wait a bit longer, and counting on all the time it takes to ascend them from scratch it’s not that much or a harm is it?

Just play and enjoy it, level whom you have and you’ll have time to further level other heroes down the line.

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There no point in getting worried there will always be a better hero around the corner just look at what your best hero’s are now and chooses the one you love the most in defence and offence and stick them on as this hero will be the one you use the most and will be the most important to your team.

Every hero time will run out when bigger tougher hero’s come in hence why by limit braking them will keep them in the fight.

I haven’t used mine yet as holding till my other heros I got are finished. But my first limit braker will go on alfrike for rush tournament and wars.


For what purpose do you want to upgrade heroes? I keep myself in diamond with emblemed vanilla heroes. I’m pretty happy in war too. And I haven’t used up all of my emblems. No need to overdo limit break. As already said, you will get more Aether, so start with your favorite heroes or your most used ones.


I too am on the fence on whom to limit break. Game is a marathon not a race so I’ll keep thinking on it. The advice I’d give though is like others have responded with. Limit break the heroes you use every day. Not the heroes you use in special situations like specific war types or certain events. Limit break your hard working grunts that you take into every raid, the heroes you use in your best attack team lineup, the one you use the most.

Personally I swap out healers often so the most used just get emblems. But Guili is a possible contender because he’s an amazing 4*. Seshat has been on my raid team for a long time now and she possible could get limit broken someday. She’s a workhorse and doubles as being a great addition in minion wars.

For now though…I’ll just wait. No rush this is a new game implementation. Do what YOU think is best for YOUR set up.


Every month there is a new omega quest,every week there are two wsrs and a tournament where you can get limitbreakers.
Use the heroes you have and get the Maximum usability out of them. If you got a shiny new one, ascend the heroe, he will be great for a few weeks without limitbreaking. And soon you will have the mats to break him/her.
Every decision is potentially false, but not deciding is the biggest failure!

Happy gaming

I didn’t have anything to work on so I limit broke Boldtusk and Falcon yesterday. Then, today I got a 5 star fire aether in my war loot which would have allowed me to limit break cMarjana. :smiley:

Such is life. At least you have 2 solid limit broken heroes to keep you busy for the next 6 months.

I’m kind of stuck too but there’s a few I would do right away. Green I’m going w frigg as a no brainer. My only other greens are 2 lianna +20 plus kadilen and elk both +20 with grimm 1.1.
Blue most likely is krampus but glenda is in as well as maybe costume Richard . Magni is great but krampus is just that great.
Purple it’s likely Clarissa who just dropped from ha10 or it was goin to be Domitia or sartana and right now Dom is +20 Sartana is only +8 cause glenda got emblems first.
Yellow would be joon cause Viv and Leo are only other choices since justice sits at 1.1.
Red is my hardest choice and i posted for help as it’s between mitsuko +20 and my long time only red until this year when I got Yang Mai and finally marjana after almost 4 years. If it was costume marjana it would be her. But whe she was featured I used 140 keys plus saved gems and nothing . Mitsuko I love on offense and she’s on my defense . Yang and marjana aren’t +20 yet yang is +7 and marjana is +5 since they just showed up and others had emblems first.

Right now red is only one I can actually do so I’m thinking but no hurry.
C.kiril is easy choice for a 4*, same w c.rigard and c.mel. I have c.sabina too but no costume for bt though him and all the others are +20 including lady wool. They are simple to choose as I use them often.

Sorry that ranted longer but I do agree it’s just a game though in also get not wanting to screw up since things are so rare here. Wait until the next tier gets released and we can go to 4.90 and you’ll need to decide to take one to 4.90 or a second to 4.85 and trust me it’s going to happen. 4.100 is all 4 tiers and other games have 6* heroes so this is EP answer to that.

Hey, I say do away with 4* mats, emblems and LB altogether :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: