Am I the first one to accomplish this? More free VIP passes?

So I recently got the 40-day free VIP pass for inviting a total of 20 friends. Could I invite more people to get more passes? Or is this it for me?


Err that’s the first time iv seen that congrats. Haha


Wow, congratz. I never invited someone. I have no idea whom

Thanks a lot!

20 thanks

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Thanks! I just invited a bunch of friends and family members.

You dislike them that much? :slightly_smiling_face:


More like, your family and friends have that much money?!?!

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LOL. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Haha, Poo! Most of them are f2p just like me. Only a couple of my friends spent a little bit. I am not sure if they are still playing, to be honest.

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this is unfair for those who dont have friends
No more free vip passes please, 20 invites is already way too much

It all depends on the perspective.

2 invitations may turn out to be too many and 200 invitations turn out to be few.

I would add an incentive to continuity rather than simply increasing players.

Taking a cue from another group of games.
Would it be possible (for example) to have a hero or a troop bonus every 10 levels?
It is not necessary to create heroes with new features, “recycling” of pre-existing three-star heroes / troops, “friend edition” is also fine.

I edited a hero photo to give a coarse-grained example

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Yes, I can see how this could be unfair to some players. Well, I am grateful for having received all the free passes already. They definitely help as I am a f2p.

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That is a nice idea. We could also give bonuses to a hero for participating in more fights.

A couple of previous games I’ve used had this mechanism.
the first raised the combat class with use. the more it was used the stronger it became (A +++) at the same level.

a second game instead made the heroes level up even with experience (I abandoned it because it takes too long to load each game)

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