Am I really lucky?

I’ve seen so many people complaining how pour are their summoning results, I’ve hear so many time that it’s impossible for f2p to get good heroes.

But when I look my roaster, I think that I may be really lucky ?

Or maybe, only people which have no luck are writing about their bad luck ?

Can you tell what doo you think about it ?

I’m 100% f2p. I started the game about 19months ago. I invest too much time in that game, but no money at all…

I watched a lot of video which explained me how to optimize my strategies (playnig, camp, sumonning,…)

I’m summoning around 15 time a month. It might be a bit more now, but i’m not sure… For a few month, I’m really choosing the events which are best to improve my roaster, or even which hotm I’d like or not (in November I’ve done only 2 summons at black Friday, and kept all my coins for december because I didn’t want the green hotm).

In december, so far I used 9 golden Token + 2 summons at the tower, 4 summons at season 4, 1 season 2 and 5 at the event : 21 in total, but that’s include all my saving of november…

I got Santa and Boss Wolf + some new 4 and 3 stars (Dölgöön, Buddy (twice), Peters, Hansel, Sally, Gnomer, Shrubear). Even if the 2 five stars are not the best, I think that it’s not bad for only 21 summons.

Here is my complete roaster:

Five stars:

duplicate 5 stars:

4 stars:

and 3 stars:

What do you think, for a level 66 f2p, is that a lucky roaster, or just an average one?

I’m not keeping the 3 and 4* that I gonna use. So I’d also apreciate your advices about these heroes: should I keep tem or not:

  • Peters (I have Tetthuk, Hansel and Gretel)
  • Valeria
  • Ameonna
  • Triton
  • Sumle
  • Gnomer

I’ll probably get rid of my second Namahage, without emblem it’s useless…

All comment are welcome.

P.S. Sorry for the mistakes, I’m not really used to write in english…


I’m no expert but I think you have a beautifully well balanced roster and I’m maybe a little jealous!:two_hearts:

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Those guys and their duplicates are probably never going to be used. Grats on your roster and organized gameplay. Beautiful!

Agree, except for Triton. Triton hits fast and hard and paired with Kiril he boosts the dwarf’s low heal. I wouldn’t dismiss Triton.


I get lots of use from my Sumle. Especially paired with Wilbur for reducing the impact of misses.

Gnomer also looks a solid 3* for events and tournaments and Triton is a useful 4 star too

If your roster space allows it, keep them…

If not, I think you could feed away Peters (as you have Hansel and Tettuk), Valeria (just hits so weak), Gnomer (Isshtak is ways better for event and tournaments)

Triton is king in buff booster tournaments with Kiril
Sumel I would keep (regret to have fed mine away…)

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Honestly at 19 months and f2p. Level 66 seems phenomenal! Keep up the strategy. And very nice roster :+1:t2:


I probably spend too much time playing…

Thank’s for your answer

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No… I spend way too much time playing… and my roster was nowhere close to yours (after 19 month). Do you ever do anything else? Like eating? Or breathing? :grin::grin::grin:


Thank’s for all the advices.

I think I’ll feed away Ameonna, Valeria and Peters.
I’ll keep Gnomer for a and let time to other players to test him. We’ll see if he appears soon in tournament. Then I’ll choose if he deserve to grow, or just to be food for others.

Triton will be next on my list after I finished Magni.
And Sumle, I’ll let him try to proove his value. Even if the competition between red 4* is very strong between my heroes. On the last and current 4* tounament, they almost won everything and got me easily in top 1%.

I just try to use all my flags.
So I probaly just had a lot of luck.
I had my 1st hotm after about 1 month (Clarissa), and the day after i got my 1st 5 star cotume (Domitia). I had no 4 star at the time, and also had no idea how hard it was to get a 5 star.

What also make me think that I’m pretty lucky, it’s that I have summoned very few season 1 hero (without costume). I got a few from training camp. But I think I only got one of my Horgall and Justice from summoning, all other was not cassic heroes :sunglasses:

thanks for the point on Triton! I used to think like that but ouch… I have never really used mine :confused:
Maybe he can be useful outta there really but I dislike him. Still I remember screaming of joy when I’ve got him ^^"

When @Rafi has Berden C. LB I don’t think Gnome will be that useful considering Roster Space, but it´s not a lie indeed. I kept myself a Gnome but my only other good/emblemed green rare sniper is Whacker.

If you are truly F2P then doing 15 pulls a month is unrealistic imo.
I am f2p and play everyday and only get 3 or so tokens…
From those tokens I have a nice collection of Dawas…


I’d personally keep them… ghosty hit hard be handy for MT or titans in general.
Peters slicence is handy not many can do that.
Valeria you have adohan they could pair nice together fiends and stealing health.

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I’m Fully f2p.
I get about 5 golden Token Per month. I put 3-4 gem Per day to accelerate monster and Hero chest so i get 3-4 chest a day… That’s 2 Make about Summons with gem Per month
Then I get about 1summon season 2+ 1 season 3 Per month.
2 Summons season 4.

  • 2event summons
    1-2 tower Summons
  • 3 costume or 1 tavern Summons

That make about 15 to 17per month.
Only 3summons Per month probably means that you don’t spend lot of time playing…
That’s probably
a good thing for your social life!


I play for 3 years now and i am at level 62… so i think he play a lot… and is a lucky guy… i don’t have many of his heroes…

I think that’s really impressive. As in, yes, you’re maybe lucky :wink::smiley:. But also you probably use your summons very effectively.

I am relatively new to playing this game, but I spend a good deal of money on it (way more than I can afford). I have most of the classic 4* heroes, and 16 of the classic 5s. But I’ve never gotten Lianna – or Tarlak! So, perhaps you’ve had good luck there. Lianna seems like the best or maybe second best classic green 5s. I envy your Devana. She is one of the best heroes in the game.

(At this point I accidentally deleted my most on-topic comment. See my second reply. Oops. Also, no matter what I do, some of my *s turn into italics. Alas!)

I agree there’s no reason to keep a second Namahage. He is my most useful 3* red hitter, but he’s very fragile even at 3.55 + 20 emblems. In general I don’t know what context would make multiple copies of a 3* useful, except when several copies of the same hero are useful on a team. Since I am not a very systematic player, I’m probably missing something. But most teams my alliance faces in wars have over 4000. So 3s are only marginally useful. For tower events, 3s seem useful only in the first 5 or so stages. But, I am looking forward to trying a 3* tournament defense with multiple copies of Buissours (Shrubbear).

I see you have Dölgöön. I use him a lot. Can be a little frustrating since his 2nd skill is slow-ish to charge. But at 3.54 w 20 emblems my Dölgöön is rated 627, w 1029 HP. He’s great against blue titans (we face 8* titans), esp along w Almur. Since D’s special isn’t based on his own stats I chose the emblem path that gave him maximum HP. I mention all this bc it’s not always easy to find out the absolute maximum stats for a hero, and those numbers can be very different from the “official” card stats.

Maeve is also amazing! I got her in my first month of playing - the first Slayer challenge - and I’m so glad I have her. As you surely know, at 3.55 with 20 emblems she’s equivalent to an average 4*. Plus her mana speed ramps up to be quite fast. It’s only the first charge that’s slow. I would love to have another Maeve. Nordri of course is also amazing. (I think I’m pretty lucky too. Except that I still haven’t gotten Krampus. Santa, Mother North 4 times, but NO KRAMPUS!! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::wink::laughing::laughing::laughing:)

I got Mireweave a while ago and keep postponing leveling her. Seeing her in your awesome roster I’m going to put her higher in the queue.

Finally, I want to put in a plug for Cyprian. It looks like you don’t have his costume. Good luck w that.

I love riposte heroes, esp against titans and in any situation when the opposition is much stronger. Some posters here seem to assume they’re best for defense, but to me they seem very strong on offense. With your Melendor and Sabina, plus Sonya, you will be able to defeat riposte defenses easily.

Cyprian is my only limit-broken 4* hero. Here are the numbers for mine: 4.75, costume 4.52, 12 emblems, power 774 (attack 692, defense 695, HP 1687). I’m looking forward to trying C Cyprian’s skill soon. Obviously it’s that last number, HP 1687 (!!) that’s the useful information here :wink::smiley::wink::smiley::+1::+1:.

Mack is also good, if a riposte strategy appeals to you. He seems slower to charge than Cyprian, and his skill only lasts 3 turns, but his HP at 4.70.20 is 1392. Perhaps you’ll get him soon. I can’t wait to limit break mine!

Have fun! I enjoyed reading your post. It’s great to see someone NOT complaining. Apologies for being long-winded. It’s an unfortunate personality trait.

Oh dear. Such an embarrassing long comment and I deleted the most relevant part while editing :scream::tired_face::sweat::sweat:

Once again, this is from the perspective of someone who’s been playing about a third of the time you have but has spent a good deal on summoning.

Re: the 4*s you’re unsure about, this is my experience against those heroes on defense.

I see Sumle a lot. He seems good but not amazing. If he fills a need you might keep him.

Ameonna seems completely useless. I’ve fed away more copies than I can count. She is never a factor.

Valeria is also quite weak.

I’ve only encountered Peters maybe once or twice. I was not impressed.

Triton seems fairly useful but this isn’t a strong impression. He certainly looks decent.

I can’t see that Ameonna or Valeria would be more effective in another context.

Ed. Apparently Ameonna is useful vs titans (?)

Again, bonne chance et merci pour vos infos!

I’ll just say that you’re really lucky. For example, getting a HotM after a month? I think it took me 6 months to get my first HotM who happened to be my first 5*.
5 EHT/month strikes me as a bit high, and I accelerate my chests to get 4-5/day.
I might get 1-2 event summons and 1 tower summons. Costume I may get 4-5, and likely 2 Tavern, but these are every 2 months. Of course, map stages are essentially done for me now aside from Season 4, so I might get a summons every few months based on the gnomes/seadragons.

As for heroes to keep, I’d go with Peters (he’s fast, and can’t hurt for war depth)… the others… well I’ve ascended Valeria (just got her), Ameonna, and Triton. Triton I almost never use, but can be useful with his healing boost. Ameonna I use for her high tile attack against titans. Also used her on the last bloody battle tournament. Kind of useful since she can’t take damage while ghosted, but you’re depending on purple tiles to do the damage.

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Oh, come on… you don’t… unless you palce high in events. You might get 5 from chests and MV on the luckyest month of your E&P career, 2 maybe three regularry, if you’re extremely lucky… but 5 a month on regullar bases, is a bit on the wild side…


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