Am I presently max points for Valor as it stands now?

No intentions to brag…just trying to work out if I missed any daily challenges. Don’t think I did!

(I’m a completionist…so being 100% is strangely compelling to me)


That’s where I am and I have completed everything up till now, so yeah I’m guessing you are currently at the max available points till more daily challenges come out


@Twist cool I thought so…just reading some posts and messages from people where it looks like they have done it already but I know just assume they mean “I can’t not finish it now”

I was like…have I dropped some dailies on the way or something but I’m 100% I hadn’t

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Nope you are all good. Tomorrow is the earliest possible date that pov could be completed


nice to know that tomorrow i can get that 4* ring :smile:

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