Am i paranoid?Bots?😆

First I wanna say that I’m not I to conspiracy​:slightly_smiling_face: but I experienced the same over and over again with players with names like pulsatingenemy12435 or silverssword78934, which look like generated names. They do weird stuff (in war attacking the same opponent 6 times for 6xzero points) or nothing for days, don’t respond in any way, or only have 4 heroes on war screen and are deleted from war when it starts. Am I paranoid, has someone experienced the same?:smile:

Could it just be children playing this game? They do weird stuff indeed, don’t necessarily have custom names but rather randomized ones, and are unresponsive in chat because their parents told them to not talk to strangers.

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Thx, Never thought about that possibility, this can well be and the names with always 5 numbers on the end could be explained by not choosing a name at all. I once wrote that in my alliance chat and one responded for the first time, saying I’m no bot. He never talked before (I don’t care), but never listened (I do care):smile:

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Those are names randomly generated by people using a Google Play account. Some of them are hilarious!. I watch for them in games now and see things like RenegadeFlamingo12121, or GrumpyLumberjack99898 :grin:

The names are always set up with an adjective, noun, then random numbers. I still have mine , I thought it was funny and haven’t been in a hurry to change it yet.

Don’t be afraid :scream:


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Yes, that names are a pain to see, but hilarious, silversword was ok, but pulsatingenemy, you can’t imagine a name like that. But now I know, thx a lot, that forum is really useful!:slightly_smiling_face:

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I wouldn’t have changed that too, yodler😆


McGyver the Ochre Valkyre

No auto number on mine but I couldn’t change it.

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Oh man, I should have taken one in the beginning, don’t know what I missed😂

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