Am I On Par With My 5-Star Hero Development?

13 months playing, lvl 49, 6 levelled 5*. I have only one tome, and I have 10 more five star heroes ( amongst them 1/1 Horghall twice). I could level right now 4 heroes, if I would have tome of tactics. I played half ftp, now c2p, only buy PoV, Vip, and the cheapest gem offers.

I have been playing since December of 2017 and have 65 max 5*. I rarely get 4* ascension mats from titans so have relied on seasonal events and purchasing ascension items to be able to accumulate what I need along with chests from summoning. I do however get them from mystic vision and raid chests but often not 4* mats from elemental chests anymore.

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