Am I On Par With My 5-Star Hero Development?

I did ascend both Leonidas and Richard and they are both, in my opinion underrated.

Leonidas is gold in equalizer wars. Richard was my first real tank and is still a good choice for war stacks and climbing towers. I don’t regret ascending either of them. (Agree whole-heartedly about Justice and Obakan btw).

I try to build effective combos with my heroes to maximize their effectiveness. So my choices are driven by how well the heroes will work with the rest of my roster.

I also think there is no point in keeping more than a set of 6 of each element’s ascension mats in reserve to ascend a lucky pull. It’s a hero/ capability you don’t have use of while you wait for something that may never happen…

I would say at the low end of P2P. But have to admit I probably have one of those fortunate accounts.

I got Onyx and and Cobalt and HotM from a 10 pull in the first Ninja tower event so I don’t spend on Ninja Tower now.

Telluria came 15s into her release when I was using saved tokens/ coins…in fact around 30% of my ascended 5* are from saved tokens/ coins.


You are right on track. It’s obvious that you are exaggerating…at the very least you get a Tome every 6 weeks. There is a guaranteed 4 star ascension item every week with Fairholme Pass, Shrikewood, etc.

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If you defeat the last section of each rare quest, you will get at least 5 Tome of Tactics a year.


You said it yourself the solution is Alchemy lab, you can turn what you don’t need into a tome, and even just running lower level functions will give you chance for mats and emblems via alkashards.

I’m at 20 maxed 5* heros in just about one year, I bought some offers earlier on to grow fast, but now that my HA is finished and I’m getting the AL going next if I’m strategic I can increase the mats I get for the 12 3/70s I have at the moment.

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I’ve bought tons of summons. THAT’S THE PROBLEM! Apparently, I haven’t spent ENOUGH to be allowed supergods. I wish I knew how many thousands of dollars it takes to get supergods and enough ascension materials to get them all max level and then enough emblems to max them all out.

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I use the Lab all the time. I have NEVER gotten a Tome. Not one.

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there is always a way to get rome of tactics.
farlohme pass,
and it comes down about once a month.
just keep grinding and it will be done.

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No, I don’t get a Tomb of Tactics once a month. I do play every day and yes I know I will get one eventually. Now that I know my 5-star hero backlog is like everyone else means I can chill a little about it. I still think this throttling is causing me to just not spend money on the game, I’m not trying to get more heros as it’s a little pointless.

I’m still building the lab and so I can’t comment from experience, but one of the 6 alkashards rewards offers a 10% chance for 4* AM so if you do 10 combines you should see one 4* mat offered, be it tomes darts blades etc.

And Farholme does come every month or so but half of them are a blade and half a tome, so you should expect to get 6 tomes a year if you complete every rare quest.

You’re a perfect candidate that’s in need of the alchemy lab. I know you might not like it but it would be perfect for someone in you situation.

The best way to use it is to balance out your Tomes and Blades. You need one or each to max a hero so it does no good having an uneven number of one or the other. If you have 13 Damascus Blades and 3 Tomes, putting a blade in the lab is not really a gamble per se. You will get something you need more than another blade.

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Hey, @wick_dawg !!

I know you have one of the sickest cool heroes leveled, ascended, maxed and emblemed. And I, along with the rest here, envy you for that. Can you share your current in-game status, i.e. length of play, number and identities of your rare, epic and legendary heroes emblemed, maxed, at the third tier, at the second tier, unleveled ones, legendary heroes fed to other heroes being leveled, hero capacity, level and number of epic, rare and uncommon troops, season progressions, highest titan damage, raid wins, titans defeated, strongest titan defeated, max team power of your strongest heroes and troops, and all that shebang? I believe yours is something to drool at. Would highly appreciate it. Thanks.

19 seems a little low but being short Tomes explains it. level 72 here, 15 maxed, have mats to max 13 more. (bad luck in pulls.)

18 months playing C2P…8 maxed 5*, and 2 at 3/70 due to Mats. No Red 5*, one purple… but think I have 3 of the best greens - Mother North, Tell (even with the nerfs, still a solid tank) and C-Kadilen (who, by following the Sorcerer Attack Path with Emblems, is quite a beast). And a 3 S1 5* at 1-1 as they are dupes, so I focus more on the 4*s for variety (and ease of leveling). Enough Blades and Tomes - but not enough Darts or Tonics. Hoping a 10pull during Valhalla will give me someone to work on.

Farholme pass comes indeed once each month, but there are two versions.

One gives Tome of Tactics and Fine Gloves
Other gives Damascus Blade and Compass

So in reality, a Tome of Tactics is a certainty, but only once every 2 months.

This makes 6 each year.

Same is true about each and every other unfarmable ascension mat, be it 3* or 4*. From rare quests specifically.

You get 6 of each. This meets the required criteria for five 5* heroes - one of each color, plus you should have a spare tome and blade. And compass and gloves…

One other thing you would require however are two of each 3* unfarmable ascension mat besides gloves and compass. So 2 Hidden Blades, 2 Warm capes, etc. Because a 5* requires 8 of those to ascend to max.

I guess the challenge events completion ensures those. Haven’t checked yet.

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Just playing the game, titans, the events and even doing all the mystic visions will bring more, 6 per year is just a minimum baseline if you do all the rare quests. I’ve had all the 4* mats show up in mystic vision at one time or another over the last year

Here is my player profile

My alliance always jokes about how lucky I am in my pulls and loot. I’ve gotten a 4* ascension mat in 5 or the last 8 titans. I had one A+, 1 A and 3 B loot levels on those titan.

Also, I was the only one in my entire alliance to pull a 4* ascension mat from the tower chest. At least 20 of the finished and I was literally the only one out of all of them.

I don’t spend a whole lot of money on this game. I really only spend on the special deals. Especially if they offer a guaranteed 4* ascension material. Then I might buy a gem package if there is an event offering new heroes that look potentially useful. Also, if they have chests that give you a chance at a 4* mat, that usually pays off.

I’ve been playing just over 2 years now, I think, not 100% sure when I started.

Hel was the first 5* I pulled and maxed out. Ursena was the second one. That just shows how lucky I have been. Sometimes, I’ll have some dry spells, but other times, it’ll just be raining ascension materials. Usually they come in waves. I’ve had days where I’ve gotten 3 scopes in a day, 1 from a mystic vision, 1 from a regular monster chest, and 1 from titan loot.

I’ve had other days like that. They seem to come in waves.

I really don’t have specific plan or trick. I guess I seem to get better loot where I do Tbilisi thing where I use silver coins first to test the waters and if I get a couple more rare items in a row, I’ll do a ten pull. If I just get a few 1 or 2* heroes, I’ll wait for another time to do a 10 pull. It’s probably superstitious BS, but it has seemed to work foe me quite often. I also like doing a 10 pull in the last minutes of an event. I’ve gotten some good stuff doing that. If I have gotten what I wanted already and don’t really need anything else from that event, I’ll skip the last minute 10 pull

Again, this is all just superstition. It had no real merit, but I’ve gotten good luck with it, so I’ll stick with it.

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Also, I only put emblems on my 5* heroes. I may have only +3 on a few 3*s that I did a long time ago.

I sacrifice the scores for the 3* and 4* events and challenges because more comes from the 5* challenges and events and raids and wars, etc…

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One more thing is, I took two weeks off leveling any heroes or making items and put all of my food into leveling my troops. I have a level 30 4* mana troop in each color, a level 17 critical troop in each color. And a 2nd mana troop between levels 18-20 of each color.

I also save all of the epic troop tokens I acquire until the Ninja Tower event. It fixes you a 5% better chance at getting a 4* troop. I have a ninja troop in each color. I have them around level 10. I’ll work on them after I get my 2nd mana troops up to at least level 25


Two years for me today,. level 75. 22 maxed 5*, tomes are also my issue (I could ascend 6 more if I had tomes).

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