Am I On Par With My 5-Star Hero Development?

I’ve been playing over 2.5 years. I have 21 five-star heros maxed with 34 five-star heros waiting. 5 of them are at 3/70.

I know many players are always short of an ascension item, always short of a strong shield or on rings or telescopes and that means it takes a lot longer to max out a 5-star of that color, but I’m always short Tomb of Tactics. This means I can not max ANY five-star heros! LOL!

I would think the game would want to throttle players so they don’t get too strong too fast and I’m ok with that. I do feel however that not being able to max ANY five-star hero is really hurting my game and possible putting me behind other players development.

I’m a cheap-to-play player, I buy gems when they are on sale. However, I’ve pretty much don’t buy gems anymore as there is no point to it. I don’t try to get the HOTM, I don’t try to get event or seasonal heros because I know, I won’t be able to max them. It’s starting to get me a little down on the game.

So, is this just in my head or should I be able to max out more of my five-star heros? 21 done in 2.5 years, really cool, but 34 are waiting and it’s been several months since I’ve last had a tomb of tactics…

I know some might say, hey, go get the alchemy lab, but I feel that is a crap answer. The alchemy lab is a gamble and I feel I shouldn’t have to spend resources and gamble to get what I need when I play every single day, I hit the Titan every day, I play in every War, I pay for POV, I do the Goblin Balloon when I feel it’s a good deal. I put in the time, I participate in the events, even if I don’t buy gems as much, I still do the VIP, POV and sometimes the Goblin Balloon.

What do you guys think? Am I on par with everyone and this slow ascension of five-stars is just in my head or am I really being throttled in my five-star development? (I don’t mean my five-stars are purposely being restricted, I have the opinion the game mechanics randomly chooses which ascension item to have a player short on and I think mine was randomly chosen to be Tomb of Tactics).

Thanks for your responses


I have been playing 2.75 years-ish and have 28 maxed 5* heroes with 47 more “waiting”. Lots are just S1 vanilla heroes. I have the tomes to max 6 more right now, but am being very picky. I have 12 Damascus blades. I am short on scopes the most for whatever reason. I have 4 strong blue heroes I’d ascend today if I had the scopes. FYI: I’m CTP pretty much exactly like you in spending.

I feel you might be a little behind on mats…but maybe I’m lucky enough just to be ahead?

21 finished 5s at C2P sounds right.

I am a level 74 playing for 2 yrs 4 months. I have bought many 4* AMs. Just did final ascension of Mother North for #30. I have enough for one of all other colors but nobody exciting enough to spend on except purple and Grimble is almost there.

A big factor will be asking what level of Titans do you take down in your Alliance? Hitting loot tier 14 regularly for that extra AM loot roll is going to really make a difference over time.

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Played for about 3.5 year and only have 19 maxed. Got plenty of ascension materials though, I got a bigger problem with gathering exp for them.
3 are sitting at 3/70, but I have no need of ascending them. 2 are being raised currently and I hope to max them soon. Then I got a bunch of doubles/triples laying around that wait for their turn in the academy.

My main focus has been on 4* s though. I don’t see a reason to max all S1 5* s when a event 4* with emblems is more useful to me.

I’m level 54, played for 20 months and have 14 5* maxed. I have another 40 and - from the current crop intend to level another 15. I am short of scopes and tabards, but have 7 tomes and 7 Damascus blades (in any case there’s one added every 2 months). I don’t feel that anything is being held back from me. Alchemy lab is not a gamble: you can rely on about 100 emblems every month and can choose your mats within reason. I think the community forum with it’s constant complaining is responsible for folks feeling insecure about where they stand. To answer your question: yes, you are on par with everyone else.

Way ahead of me. I’ve been playing 1.5 years and have seven maxed five stars. (At this pace I’ll have 12 by 2.5 years). AND I play everything and use every bit of energy that I can regenerate. My problem is the opposite. I can ascend fives of all but one color but I don’t have the heroes. In 1.5 years I have 1 green five star, 1 unique yellow five star (dupe Viv), and Sartana and Domitia in purple. Pretty annoying to see 16 darts starring at me in my inventory and wondering how long to wait before ascending a dupe Viv. Between costumes and challenge event this month I did about 50 pulls. No fives. No HOTM. I’m VC2P so that was a bunch of my savings I grinded out.

What I’m saying is, Yes, this game gets super boring when you can’t level heroes (regardless of not having heroes or not having ascension items).


@Rduke77 Yup, I have not been using my coins to get more heros.

@TheSchmoo I’m level 55, but I’ve not done more than 4 XP quest over the entire game. We split our Guild into a high/low group so we are hitting 7-8-9 level Titans right now. We need more peeps in the Guild. We will focus on getting more members so we can hit higher Titans.

@Rapisu 19 maxed seems a little low to me, but my 4-star game is lacking a little. Late last year I decided to raise up a bunch of 3-stars and surprisingly it really brought up my enjoyment in the game. The 3-star challenges are a LOT more fun now and it exposed my lack of development in other areas of the game. I’m currently working on bringing up several defensive-down 4-star heros.

@Samantha7 Because I don’t have the Alchemy lab, it’s hard to talk about it as I don’t have the knowledge. My wife uses it all the time to get emblems, I know it’s good but I don’t think I could just pick Tomb of Tactics as a reward, can I?? If I can just pick Tomb of Tactics as my reward then I would just use the Alchemy lab! Hehe!

@Ballrash You know, I think the game has changed since I’ve started and from what my lower Guildmates say, they seem to be getting 5-stars as a lower rate than I remember getting them. I’m not sure if it’s due to spending money in the game or that the game has slowed people down now that there are more people playing the game. Good luck on getting another Vivica. Training Camp level 20 does wonders and will pop out a 5-star every now and then!

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Got me beat. 2.5 years and 22.5 maxed 5s. Finishing dark lord then finishing alasie which will bring me to 23. I’m c2p. 5 to 10 bucks a month. My roster ain’t chit compared to what I’ve seen, but I’m always in diamond and can finish every event, so I’m fine with it.

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Hi guy’s 3.2 yrs in the game lv71, p2p but never buying mat offers. 45 maxed 5*, 35 on 3/70.

It’s good to know that it seems I’m on par with everyone else for this stage of the game. Since someone posted their heros, I’ll post my 5-stars too. :slight_smile:

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2 years next month - 26 maxed 5* and 9 at 3-70

So you aren’t millions of miles away. I can ascend a Blue and a Green right now but awaiting next Valhalla before I make any decisions

Combining Alkashards gives you a 4* ascension mat as an option every once in awhile. I just got my second one after I would say about 18 fills (rings and today a d-blade). Data is still being gathered on the new Alch10 in a separate thread to narrow down the actual percentage.

It’s about a 10% chance from all the data gathered

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Yeah 19 is kinda low, but even with that I have 5* that are permanently benched. Maybe I’m just lacking in non S1s or costumes

21 maxed, 4 close to maxed (or at least started and mats available), 3 at 3/70. Holding onto at 1/1 (many are dupes of sub-par HotM – 3 Tellurias, 1 Zulag, 1 Reuben – so really only HA10 fodder): 12. One 5* costume almost maxed.

About 2 1/2 years of cheap play. So I guess I’m behind you even.

20 months playing, 30 maxed 5* 2 more fully ascended and being worked on.

I have another 7 at 3/70 with a deep roster of 4* heroes.

100% f2p, close to 3 years, 21 maxed 5* (only one maxed double, Joon), with about 35 more gathering dust in my roster. I really think the number of maxed 5* heroes doesn’t mean much… what makes the difference is who those heroes are. It’s all about quality, none about quantity. I could ascend another 8 or 9 heroes at this point, I just don’t have any hero worth ascending… I could ascend Leonidas or Richard, Justice or Obakan, but what’s the point? What good would any of them do against the S3 monsters? Would be a waste of mats… keep your mats for heroes worth ascending… a two edge sword… heroes come hard for low and no spenders… you don’t ascend whoever you get, you can’t move forward… difficult choice. That’s how I ascended Elkanen, Thorne, Quintus, Zulag and some other low class heroes. Also got some mid tier ones. Vela, Vanda, Malosi, Kageburado, Mitsuko… but no top shelf hero in three years… well, that’s it. No big deal. Just keep a ballance between who you ascend and the available mats. For a f2p, I guess it’s all right to ascend a lower hero as soon as you have 15-18 4* mats for that element.


Lucky you. I’ve been playing at least 2 years and only just maxed out my first 5*: Kageburado. I have Marjanna and a Vivica at 19, Telluria at 18, and Rafaele at 14. The only other max-level 5* I have are: another Vivica and Zulag. THAT’S IT! TWO YEARS+ and that’s the best I can do.
I have 3 Red, 3 Yellow, and 3 Purple stuck at max level, 3rd stripe, since I can’t get the required ascension materials.
I have a few others I am trying to get that far.
Beyond that, I have been able to max out several 4*: Boldtusk, Sonya, Li Xiu, Kashhrek, Gaderius, Kiril, Skittleskull, Caedmon, Tibertus, Melendor, Cheshire Cat, Buddy, and Hu Tao. I have the following max level: Rigard, Sonya (extra), Kiril x2 (extras), Ameonna, Boldtusk (extra), Boril, Colen, Cyprian, Chao, and Grimm.
Pretty rough for so much effort.
I’m gonna say it: Summoning and Hero Academy (final slot) are rigged! 99% of the time, all I get is the same crap I already have. Maybe, once in 150-175 summons, I’ll get a new one. The Hero Academy retrain of legendaries is also a joke. I have gotten exactly ONE new 5*-Khagan. In the Costume crap, I have YET to get a Vivica. Both of mine, oddly enough came from the Training Camp, legendary slot.
I quit an Alloiance, because all I ever got to face in wars were parties full of maxed-out supergod characters, none of which I will ever be allowed to have.
Yes, I AM calling this game rigged.

@mpolo I also only have 21 maxed so I don’t think you are behind me at all!

@Lily_frogg Ok, I’m jealous of you! LOL!! I assume you are paid to play?

@Ian487 I totally agree & disagree with you! LOL, I think it depends on your priorities. I agree that it really does matter WHICH 5-star you choose to max out. Variety counts and matters. You want to have heros you can stack vs Titans. However, on the flip side, the more 5-star heros you have the better you can do in a War as it seems to be better to have multiples of same color vs a team. In that case, in some regards, it’s a matter of having more bodies. You are totally right, it comes down to making difficult decisions! This is one of many reasons I like the game! :slight_smile:

@GeneStarwind I’m sorry you have been having bad experiences. I do feel that a player’s experience will be tide-in with if they are free to play, cheap to play or paid to play. I have been mostly satisfied on being cheap to play, I get heros. I have a team mate that is getting all the heros and making me jealous but he is a paid to play.

Hey everyone, I’m so happy with the response to my concern. I see that I’m not in such a bad spot that I thought I was. I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read and respond to my posts! Please do continue to share where you were after 2 years, I feel it will help other players that had the same concerns as me, or help others have a better idea where they are in their development compared to others.



Will be playing 3 years the end of April. I’m working on my 43rd 5* hero right now (Uraeus). Have alternated between C2P (Year 1), P2P (Year2) and back to C2P now. Have a TON of heroes to level but I’m in no rush as the roster is pretty deep as is. Will get to the ones I want to get to. Taking my time.

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