Am I missing something with new upgrade?

The new upgrade unlocks new “enhancements” for totally upgraded heroes. I have been playing for upteen months spent $$$$ and have yet totally upgrade a 5 star hero I am missing one thing here and there. I suppose I will eventually get the missing pieces and be able to use the new features. in the meantime I will be facing opponents with the upgrades so I will be at a disadvantage. What about new players? It takes forever to upgrade a hero and they will be so far behind they will never catch up unless they spend a fortune which may be the intent. IMHO it will discourage new players and kill off the new blood which will eventually diminish the game. I have seen this in previous games so its not a surprise.

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I’m unsure what you would expect? A new feature has been added that increases the depth/ complexity of the game. We don’t know the long-term strategy of the feature or availability, but any new feature does bring new complexity not only for veterans but for new players as well. I think a big key to the success of these new features is engaging the newer player base on them without overwhelming them.

Even new players are using the new features already.
As a cup dropper my mostly raids with the newblood players … and I just revenge them to save my ham from waste in rolling.
So this is one player with 3 heroes which got the new options.

I can’t see how you may like to get some one who joined in 1 month to combet with ppl who been here for 2 years, is this the justice you are offering?
The gap between vetren players and newbies is the same gap between the P2P and the F2P. It must be there cause this is fair. A P2P must get advantages to pay for em. In same time he/she is paying the cut for the F2P to play the game. I am a F2P … and I am not upset at SGG or even the P2W guys, infact I adore what they do for my playing progress.
The gap between vetrens and rockies is a must be. Otherwise I’ll be the first one to quit lol.


New players will actually have more fun with classes than old regulars because it doesn’t cost nearly as much to level a 3 or 4 star.


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