Am I missing it?

I’m an admin for a FB E&P group and I post the link to the release notes when they’re available. I have a lot of people asking if they’re available in a different language. Are release notes available in languages other than English? If so, where can I find them?

I can’t read any of it but…

I imagine it’s there :point_up_2:

Good luck


If some one asks for a percific language maybe
Google translate English to say French etc…

The Release Notes are not published on the forum in languages other than english.

They are however published on the Support website in a couple different languages (not a complete list tho).

Support Website:

Change the Language at the bottom:

Supported languages appear to be: Dutch, French, Korean, English, Russian, Chinese & Japanese

For languages NOT published, the only real solution is to use a Translation App.

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