Am I making good decisions?

At this moment i got these 4 stars:

Wu Kong 4-61
G. Jackal 4-70
Rigard 4-51
Sonya 4-56
Grimm 4-70
BT 4-70
Colen 4-30
Caedmon 4-70

I got Li Xiu wating at 3-60.

I want to get stronger. And i think my 4 stars are a pretty team. Perhaps later another green or purple, but i want first to concentrate on 5 star now.

I got Magni on 3-69,
I got Alasie at tier 2.

I’m going to level Magni because i only have 6 hot clothes and to level Alasie i need 8. And they don’t differ much

After leveling Magni i’m going to level Sartana who is now at 3-55
After leveling Sartana i can level a red one. Probably gravemaker or Marjana.
Then i have Delilah and Zeline waiting on 1 dart and 1 potion.

Is this the right way to go or must i make other decisions?
Should i think of another healer? Or is it enough to have Delilah? I have got the purple HOTM, but then i’d rather use Rigard or BT in a 5 star team. Please some advice.

On the bench:
Purple: Aeron, domitia 2x, obakan, Merlin, Tiburtus, Cyprian, Sabina
Yellow: Leonidas, G. Owl, Gretel, Hu TAo
Blue: Alasie, Richard, Master Lepus, Kiril, Boril, another Grimm
Green: Elkanen, Lianna, Hansel, Kashtrek, Jack O’hare, Skittleskull, Little John, Melandor
Red: Marjana, Azlar, Khagan, Gravemaker 2x, Gormek, Elena (2x), Sir Lancelot

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You have a dream team, man. You’ve done a great job getting your 4* team together. And you do seem to be close to being able to ascend 5s. To really juice your 4 team you might want to get Merlin and Melendor up. That would give you 2 really good ones in each color. Or possibly Tiburtus instead of or in addition to Merlin to ensure you always have a pulverizer (swap him in for Grimm on Blue and Yellow titans).

For 5* you are almost done with Magni. Alasie is better all around but it’s close. I’d honestly wait and get Alasie up before spending my scopes but not a bad choice to just push Magni all the way up.

I’d probably go with Delilah next. 5* healers=awesome.

Then do Zeline, Marjana, and Aeron. I would be scared of you.

I run

Grimm Leonidas Sartana Alassie Azlar and maintain diamond level 2400 cups

I have a very similar bench as you. Minus some of the 5 stars. Only have aeron, thoth, thorne.

Don’t let anyone tell you leonidas isn’t useful…He is awesome on offense. And while i can’t comment on magni…Alassie was the missing key to keeping me in the diamond club for the last 2 weeks.

Next yellow event.

I want to be stronger on purple. I have Tiburtus at 1-4 (and have Grimm maxed out) and Merlin in 1-37. Should i work on Merlin??

So i can put 3 purple heroes in my team (Sartana, Rigard and Merlin) added with wu kong and Magni.

Good decision?

Next decision to make:

I now use BT for Tank.

If i want to use a 5* tank, would it be cleverer to use Sartana or should i go for Richard or Azlar? If i go for Azlar i can’t put Gravemaker to tier 4 in a while. Richard would stop Alasie from leveling up. Yellow i will level Delilah as soon as i got the remaining dart.

Or should i just stay with BT? Can spend my troops and materials only once :smiley:

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