Am I crazy

I know they aren’t leveled fully . Is this a viable tournament team leveled up ? It’s fun playing with all the players basically having 3 minions each after the first map stage . Is it too weak to fight in tourneys ?

It’s an interesting team and could be a viable defence for raid tourneys depending on which colours are allowed.

It probably won’t work as well for this tournament as the minions are not a buff so you won’t get the attack boost

Bring c.brienne instead of cochin or grevle

I think that cBrienne should not replace Crochin since that way the rainbow formation of the defense team is broken. Also I am not sure if the minions summoned after Grevle had overhealed actually have more HP than they originally would…so Grevle seems like a logical choice, but this has to be checked. But yeah, a team that summons minions could benefit from someone purple which could reduce enemy’s def. I would suggest Gill-Ra.

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Nope… minion health is based on hero health modified by troops. In-game modifications to health will not have an impact


Max Kvasir, emblem him and put him at tank. His defense and HP at +20 are completely broken for 3 star tournaments. He easily has 4 star def stats and his minions are vicious.


Do you another frosty or Rudolph? The family bonus with 3 makes a big difference in health and attack. That is who I would replace Cochin with.

I only see two 3* heroes that have over 700 defense stat when highly emblemed. You have one of those heroes based on the screenshot. Actually, he has the highest defense stat (721) when emblemed even at +17. Talking about the realm of some unemblemed 5* heroes with regard to defense stat. Maxed unemblemed GM only has 708 defense stat.

I don’t sadly . I would like another of either . This team was just an odd idea . It’s a lot of fun on the map . The minions are like being inside a car wash outside the car with all the lashes . It’s a work in progress but lots of fun . Chochin is there for mana control for now until another better purple comes available .

Who is the other one ?

I have him there for. Now . I like mana control . I have leveled Balthazar . I am also working on EDD . Right now I’m digging Chochin mana control . I will try all of them in there . I like the rainbow

You won’t get the 3-member family bonus if two of them are copies of the same character though. It needs to be three unique heroes.

A blue one with costume that has a gun in his name.

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I have him . Could put him in there lol. Thank you

Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info

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Sharing of what I know. Have fun, boys and girls.

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I have Gunnar with C bonus max emblemed like that. He almost guarantees an A grade in tourney defences on most formats. At 8 wins, 2 losses in this tourney

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I will work on him next . Do you tank him ?

You’re going to get an A on defense most of the time in 3 star tournaments if you tank either Gunnar +20 (even better with the costume) or Kvasir +20. If the other team gets a good board, it won’t matter who is at tank, frankly, but both of them make a tough board virtually impossible to come back from. For example, if I run 3xblue, I can kill everybody’s Nimahage (sp?) tank in 3 tiles right up the gut. If the board is otherwise trash it gives me time to recycle tiles for the other 4. Those 2 guys? Um, no.

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I’m fielding Gunnar+20 at tank and…
Got off to 1 win and six consecutive losses.
True, my defense made its way back to B eventually, but still :roll_eyes::rofl:

Oh! It’s Namahage :wink:

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