Always pick a 5* over a 4*?

So I have just about maxed out my first team (all 3*'s(. So next is pick the next hero’s to level in each color. Some are pretty easy, I only have 1 other blue, and I had already started on the red. so I’ll see that one through. So my question is for the Purple, Yellow, Green.

It may come down to about optimizing teams, as I seem to have an abundance of healing options, but little else. If I go yellow healer, so I go away from healer in the Purple and green?

Below are my choices.
If for what ever reason the pic doesnt work…
Yellow I have 3* Bane done. Next choices are Vivica, or Hu Tao.
Purple I have 3* Balth done. Next choices are Sabina or Cyprian.
Green I have 3* Brienne done. Only have other 3* to choose from. Either Berden or Belith.

So which to choose next for Purple, Yellow, Green?

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Vivica over Hu Tao of course.
But some 4 are better at 4.70 than 5 at 3.70.
The mats to max a 4 are also easier to get.
In the long term you only have a chance with a maxed 5 team of good heroes , if possible rainbow, fast mana and well combined, which means healing, buffing, debuffing, hitting and mana controlling at the same time.

I’m lvl30 now and only have 4 and 5 star heros left. To keep a bunch of 3 star isn’t worth for 2 events a year or so imho.

Usually first a 4* hero, then a 5* in a particular colour. However, Hu Tao is pretty bad while Vivica might be your only 5* healer for quite a long time (all others are HoTM, Atlantis or event heroes), so in this case I would choose the 5* and go for Vivi :smile:

Oh, and keep your 3* heroes for Alliance Wars and Class Quests :wink:

Vivica, Cyprian, Belith. Easy choice.

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For where you are in the game, I’d encourage you to leave Vivica alone for a while, and focus on getting a solid core of 3* and 4* heroes leveled up.

Yes, even Hu Tao.

Here’s why I say that:

The Tradeoff of 5* Heroes vs. Roster Depth Early On

Presuming you have at least 4 Orbs, you could get Vivica leveled as high as 3-70. But the XP needed for that is more than taking two 4* heroes to 3-60 would be. And at this point, the payoff for you having a bit more variety of heroes leveled will be bigger than focusing on just one.

My Personal Experience

For what it’s worth, I have 13 maxed 4* (soon to be 16), 11 4* at 3-60, and 14 maxed 3* — and I’m just now starting to work seriously on my 5*.

And that roster variety has served me incredibly well.

I can complete (and do well at) important elements of the game — particularly ones that give ascension mats for further leveling other heroes, including my 5*:

  • I’ve beaten Season 1
  • I’ve kept up with Season 2 so far (both Normal and Hard)
  • I finish every Rare Quest and get the guaranteed ascension mats
  • I complete all of Rare, Epic, and Legendary for each Challenge Event and get the guaranteed ascension mat rewards
  • I’ve finished every Class Trial so far, including Stage 3
  • I do well in Wars, and enjoy them
  • I routinely get A or A+ rankings on 8* titans, so I’m consistently in Tier 9 titan loot or above with 3 ascension mat rolls

Alliance mates playing for roughly the same amount of time who focused on 5* heroes early on have nowhere near the roster depth I do. And they’ve correspondingly had a harder time in all the places that impacts: Challenge Events, Titans, War, Class Trials…and even quests and difficult levels at times.

Hu Tao in Particular

Hu Tao isn’t well-loved by a lot of people, but I loved him early on (first maxed 4* for me), and I’ve come to love him again, which I wrote about here:

(click through or expand the link box to read full text)


Sabina is a good Sorcerer choice. I think you’d be better off taking Sabina to 3/60 and Hu to 3/60, then going Cyprian to 3/60 and Viv to 2/60(3/70). Come back and take Sabina to 4/70 when you have the trap tools. Hu Tao is great with Wilbur or Wu Kong, he’s also underestimated and disrespected by opponents.

You’ll probably pull most of the S2 3* when you start stockpiling Atlantis coins. Work these into a leveling rotation if you lack 4*/5* mats. These S2 3* are worthy of Emblems if utilized properly.

Scarlett will see more mileage than Gormek in the long run.


I would normally choose a 4* over a 5* early in the game, for two reasons.

  1. They are more expensive to level up, both in food and feeder XP.
  2. At the first ascension block point (4* 3/60 vs 5* 2/60) the 4* is generally much more usable, and at the second one (4* 4/70 vs 5* 3/70) generally the 4* has better stats still and is often more effective.

BUT 5* healers are very rare and wonderful … and more importantly, they heal at full effectiveness as soon as the special skill hits 8/8, contrasted with a damage dealing hero like Gravemaker or Lianna whose damage when not finished is much less.

So I’d work on Viv before Hu Tao…and I wouldn’t work on say, Marjana ahead of Scarlett or even Gormek.

Rare exceptions like Vivica aside, I would plan on doing two rainbow sets of 4* heroes before starting on 5* ones. (Assuming you have the heroes)


Only reason to start 5* is if it is healer, like vivica. When you get maxed special of Vivica you will get your 50% heal or whatever she gives no metter what, heal is always heal it not attack which can be better maxed 4* then 3/70 5*. At 3/70 her defence will be near 4/70 4*. But also your list of heroes gives you a choice - you will have to take 1 healer - either vivica or sabina, so if Vivica - then cyprian, if sabina - then Hu tao. You won’t be able ascend 2 herous same colour at a same time.

Challenge events occur monthly, not twice a year. 3* heroes can also be useful in some trials. I keep my favorite 2 3* heroes of each color. Roster space is cheap.


All of what @EarlVerdant said, plus don’t forget Raid Challenges may give new use to 3* heroes as well.

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