Always online? can not revenge- SOLVED

Os possible a guy that attacked me and when I try to revenge he is ALWAYS online?

Haha - probably me. I’m, like, always online. Or at least according to my wife I am;)


He might play a lot. Or he might run E&P through BlueStacks and be sending simulated taps. This was enough of an issue among top raiders that SGG changed it so that top-100 players can always be raided. Below that, just find a new target.

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Yes, it should, but even on 95th place couldn’t attack him…

Is it legal using autoclick?

Probably not, but SGG doesn’t seem to care enough to block, given the fact that they simply changed the raid mechanics instead.

They should expand the ‘revenge when online’ to at least top 1000

If someone attacks should be able to get revenged, even if it is in the 200kth place. They should take that online rule for all players. ALL should be attackble.