Always go defense

I’m talking embleming here and more and more I’m thinking I’ve made a mistake by choosing the attack path. A good board and you win almost no matter what. It may take a couple more turns but it’s not likely to be so close that a few more attack points would have made the difference. OTOH I get that sinking feeling after about 4 turns with no good matches or combos my opponent’s about to fire and mine are nowhere near it’s over almost every time. A few more points in defence and maybe Rafaelle could survive long enough to keep us alive and just maybe there’s hope.

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My very first alliance leader @Lord Rostov said always go the shield path …

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That is the approach I take, except for heroes with minions - they get health path.

Shield path helps to survive bad starting boards.

I LOVE to see heroes with incredible Attack+VIt will destroid them with tiles and lepus,C.Thorne or gefjon. I see this specially with Ninjas en Snipers why don’t users add a little durability to their heroes IDK but The way I emblem my heroes is balanced between Def,attack and Vit so they can Hold just ablittle Longer.

I agonised over the best use of emblems and researched - obviously I went health for Boril and defence for Gazelle but mostly what I heard was attack was the way to go. It feels like the game has changed over the last year or two and it’s not the way to go anymore.
I should probably add that I have one S2 hero - Tarlak - a smattering of HsOTM and not a single hero from S3, S4, Slayers, Ninjas who appear to be the game changing ones that routinely destroy me. Maybe I’d feel differently if I did.

I tend to go attack for snipers, health for riposters, and defence for everyone else.

Of course that is often sabotaged when I pull a costume for a hero I have already emblemed :rofl:

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It is a decent enough rule of thumb to go defense over attack, but it really should be a case by case basis and largely dependent on the special of the hero, and their base stats.

For example Skdai’s special won’t amount to much if she doesn’t kill Bera/Freya minions - so you need all the attack you can get - and her base build is sturdy anyway. It wouldn’t make sense to give her more defense.

I can probably find a use case for snipers going defense over the traditional attack, but then again I almost never use snipers as I don’t see much value in them. However an AOE special could definitely gain from attack boost, particularly when you intend to run that hero with buffers or debuffers so the attack value is magnified by the special, magnified by the buff/debuff and then applied to 3 or 5 heroes - that attack upgrade is no longer just a small boost but is a large amount of daamge across the enemy team, and will on fairly regular occasions mean the difference between an enemy dead and an enemy left standing to cast a special back at you

Then there is the consideration of whether you will run heroes in titan teams, and every bit of attack stat comes in handy then.


Also never use defense path on riposte heros, load their health up instead.

Increasing their defense lowers the attack power of the counterattack.

Also as said for minion heros you want att/health to beef up the minions.

I think there is just one instance where taking that path for me did not pay off. Sadly my first alliance leader and co leader probably couldn’t tie their shoelaces, let alone give advice. The leader used to be 15 levels above me, now he is 10 below me.

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