Always Display Battle Rounds


For quests and world battles: I know fight rounds are displayed at the start of the battles and between rounds, but sometimes I get heavy into the round strategy during the fight that I forget what round I’m in and if I should save or use special skills.

It would be great to have the round counter always displayed at the top of the battle screen:

I.E. 2/4 = 2nd round of a 4 round fight


I don’t know how to vote, my answer is YES, I would like to see such a feature.


Ok I found how to vote…


I would like to add events too. Those are only 3 rounds, but with the time pressure and replaying of levels, I sometimes completely loose track :wink:


I’d find this feature particularly useful on long quests with 5 levels.


I have often wished for this feature.


I need that features :grinning:
1 vote from me. Thanks mate :blush:


YES, I’ve registered in this forum just to make this feature request!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be a great UX improvement. Nothing fancy is required just current counter there on the top. Here’s a mock: