Alternatives: The Discussion

Hello. This is @PeachyKeen, the hopeless idealist, reporter and overall mediocre guy.

Preamble, hidden for those bored by lots of words.

This is a discussion. About what, you say? Alternatives.

Empires and Puzzles is not a great game, by any means, let’s not fool ourselves. However, it is a good game when the right people get together and enjoy each other’s company.

To prove to ourselves that we can have a civilized discussion, we can mention the choice and then discuss an alternative. Notice anywhere in here that I state you will agree to anything anyone says? No. In fact I want you to disagree. As humans, we’re all really good at that: in megatons, no less.
But how will we disagree in THIS thread? By just not saying anything. Oh, I’m sure a few could break the rules and that will suck. Would be nice if they just did not.

Mention a choice, then discuss an alternative.
I’ll give us a head start with several examples, but choose new ones if you like.

Choice 1: Personal Attacks
Alternative: Remove the person from the problem. Discuss the facts not the people. You really aren’t a better quality person than the person on the other side of the argument, stop kidding yourself, you’re just not.

Choice 2: Bench Telluria, Vela, Gobbler, Brian, Atomos or any of the altered heroes in protest of St. Petri’s day.
Alternative: Assess your challenge, be it raids, war, titans, tournament, build the best team from what you have. You aren’t proving anything to anyone, least of all SG.

Choice 3: Post a long rant about quitting the game.
Alternative: Find a new game that is more fun and let your interest grow in that. If it is more fun than E/P, quit quietly.

Choice 4: See the hero balancing the the narrow lens of a single hero.
Alternative: Consider the difficult challenge that the developers have to both create new and exciting heroes but also keep the game balanced. Understand that it is a hard thing to both keep that balance and to foresee all of the synergies that could make the game (at the very least) monotonous.

Choice 5: Create a thread about Telluria
Alternative: Take a walk around the block,enjoy the fresh air, take your nose out of your device and avoid thinking about the topic for the rest of your life.

Choice 6: Write a painfully self-aware, satirical topic about alternatives
Alternative: Do pretty much anything else with your life. Learn a new skill. Work at your actual job. Anything.

Choice 7: Expect compensation for every little thing SG does that ruffles your feathers.
Alternative: Combine the previous concept of a long walk, but involve a short pier somewhere in the process.

Any to add?


Stop personally attacking me!


So, to remove the person from the problem, it would appear that you have some unresolved issues related to an undigested bit of beef or maybe even cheese that may have been a few moments past expiration date.
It’s okay we are all about solutions here. Take solace in the understanding that this, too, shall pass.


Choice 5 Alternative: @PeachyKeen is suggesting rampant quarantine breaching runs in the wild
Alternative’s Alternative: Make sure you take proper social distancing and safety measures before excursions into public to try maintain public safety.

Did I do it right?


Solid advice. perhaps I should have been more explicit.


Choice 8: Post jokes and off-topic memes to try to derail the toxic debates.
Alternative: Realize that only a select few posters find you amusing, and that your lame jokes are probably only making the situation worse. Log off and find a more productive use of your time, like knitting sweaters for homeless cats.


Ahhh that’s not true :pensive:

You’re not a reporter :fire::fire::fire:


I regard you with the same affection as Geralt (The Witcher), regards Jasker (Dandelion).

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Wonderful thread.

Choice 9: Read every single word of every single reply on every single thread about the VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC that you most know absolutely everything about.


and also:



Y’know it feels like this works


Which hero is Brian? :thinking:





If you have to ask, you can’t afford him…


If he costs more than a 12-pack of good beer I know I can’t afford him… :rofl:


I miss Clipit :sob:

He turned things that looked like I was writing a letter into a letter :disappointed:


I’m really zapped from real world stuff so I can’t think of any good content yet.

But I just want to bump this thread.


Wait, wait, is Brian that super-secret hero that’s gonna appear in Tavern of Legends??? No wonder he can “memorize” stuff…

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I think that hero is Randy. Brian was introduced as a counter to Doug.


Doug’s costume is totally OP. Underwear outside your pants? Not even fair.


oh, totally. we all know that’s where Superman’s powers REALLY come from


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