Alternative to yet another avatar

I have 80 plus avatars, therefore, I am unlikely to win one that I haven’t already got. Why can’t we win backgrounds and or pins instead.

Yeah !! I agree. I still only have 132 avatars. We want free backgrounds and pins, too !! :hugs:

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Alternate skins for the main base could be awesome, too! Could be the castle of the Queen of Hearts, a pirate town, an Atlantean jungle, a dark castle in Muspelheim, etc.

this is actually a cool idea.
would like some way to share the reskin base though.

Voted. :+1::grin:

Count me in, would like to make my castle into a haunted house

Yeah I would like maybe a background or a pin. def for seasonal events maybe switch it up as have the avatars already can choose.

In beta someone asked me if I was from Korea as I had the flag pin… Nah its in the shop so I bought it :rofl:

Glad you like the idea, not sure about the alternative skins ‘state of survival’ has them but the game is memory and power hungry.

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