Alternative to solve rarity of heroes

Due to hard to get a legendary hero, it make much people frustated (also me)

I have an option to solve this

  1. make an offer in shop to get legendary heroes
    example : a random legendary (or with specific element/class) for 2500 gems ,
  2. every 20 draw guaranted to get random legendary heroes

please, it’s hard to get a legendary heroes which has most variation but has very low chance to get (only 2,5%) haha

Your options:

  1. Makes the game completely P2W.
  2. Makes the game essentially P2W.

Besides which, you end up with WAY more heroes than ascension items, which only transfers the frustration from one source to another.

These have been suggested many, many times before.


I have seen the option of a garanteed legendary in x amount of pulls in other games like NNT grand cross and i have to say that that feature is amazing .
But i Hardy think It would be anyday implemented in E&P

you’re right, but it may better than gambling (300 gem / draw or 10 gem/draw)

TC20 gives you a 5% chance without having to pay any gems

There are already many, many versions of this idea, such as

The proposed solution is the amorphous Hero Academy.

Please carry on the discussion on existing threads :+1:

Actually this one is the more dominant thread JB :slight_smile:

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