Alternate Raid and War defense formations - Please add your ideas and comments here!

Thanks for the move, Coppersky. My apologies if any of my suggestion was redundant.

I don’t think so; sometimes it gets the subject before new eyes. Don’t worry about it!

Yeah, and sometimes in thinking about it encourages them to post.

Inverted wedge would likely be uber strong when designed well, substantially more so than existing defenses.

Can’t manipulate tiles near the edge as easily, and getting strong colors aligned is less likely too making doubling up on colors a little suspect… basically it drastically reduces tile damage strategies, and as such would trend everyone to fast damage specials even more so than what we have today.


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I love this idea. Defense in Raiding is really stale. Been there, done that.

Having 4 formations (or more), V, inverse V, M and W would greatly complicate things and make it much more fun to think about defense.


Apologies for replying to a two weeks old post, I’m newer to the forum and I’ve just seen it.

At first I thought the inverted V formation is weaker, but now I think Revelate is right so I’m wondering if inverted V wouldn’t be stronger in most cases. It will probably be what the top players will choose, then what everyone will choose. Then being able to choose your defense formation wouldn’t matter much. I’m not much of an experienced raider but it may still be something to consider.

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could consider allowing users to speak in private mode__

hello, as leader of my alliance here are my ideas for war why not make a ranking because each war we have stronger than us and we often lose a ranking will be able to face the alliances at our level a ranking that would be compared to the team and not to the trophy who else will go down to their trophy to beat the weakest which would not be loyal, then in my alliance we think it would be great to exchange objects between we would be genial also that the leader and only the leader could give objects or token as rewards when a player deserves it, it misses a lot because the player is encouraged by the leader with “bravo” writes but by force he is tired of playing for his team and receiving nothing in return except “bravo” so desperately we try to join some player who does not think to watch the chat why not put in big on the home screen his name so he can see it and react to the conversation example: David your alliance mentioned your name in the chat thank you to look at that "in this case the player could see that someone is trying to talk to him about other idea for wars and raids why not use objects such as arrow, ax, ect … and ban the potion of life and manna I hope that my ideas bring you will bring ideas for you to be improved the game thank you Lulu (sorry for my english)

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I like this idea and I want to add to it my 5 cents.

What if defences were multi-layered? Like every castle has several lines of defence why not make 2 or 3 defensive teams? 1st - only 3* heroes allowed (can be attacked with a team composed of 3* heroes ONLY), 2nd - only 3-4* heroes allowed (can be attacked with a team composed of 3-4* heroes ONLY), 3d - all heroes allowed (can be attacked with any team).

this would bring a lot more strategy and force players to use not only their Legendary but also Epic and Rare (or what is the true name for 3-star) ones.

All defeated heroes count into the chest and each layer of defence brings some loot. but to score victory points 1 has to go through the whole 3-layer defence formation

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Hi devs,

Would you consider creating a variety of formations for players to choose from for their defense team?

Now we only got the pyramid formation: 1 tank - 2 flanks - 2 backs.

When fighting in province stories, events, and quests, I notice monsters and enemies are set up in different formations.

This may help increase the usefulness of certain heroes, especially slow ones, considering not too many players have a strong and deep bench to choose from.

Could be 2 tanks - 3 backs, 1 tank & 2 front wings - 2 backs, or the opposite of the current pyramid…

Here’s a topic about this: Alternate formations in raids - Please add your ideas and comments here!

Also, SGG is considering this request, but not currently working on it as you can see here: Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


Just to make things a bit more interesting, how about having a choice of defence formations. Would potentially make team selections a bit more interesting as well as raiding.

See below for my ideas, and forgive the crappy MS edit job.
Currently only have the V option:

What about adding a W option

And a A option for defence:



I am not against this option. Better without knowledge what formation opponent using.

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I saw this in another post and I still like it

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The W formation would be interesting because the current V means if you sling 3 horizontal tiles towards middle, they all hit the tank. If it was a W those 3 tiles would be spread to the 3 middle heroes. It would mean the attacking team who triple stacked blue against a red tank is now less effective. I think I’m against this because I don’t think defenders need another advantage in raids. They already gain mana much faster than the attackers and have a 20% bonus attack.

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Thanks LooSeefur! I am 100% pro. You got my vote! :+1:

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There is a post about this.

@Rook maybe link my idea to the one mentioned above? thanks

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