Alternate Raid and War defense formations - Please add your ideas and comments here!

I think that’s a great idea!

Didn’t the forum software show you this while you were composing your message?

I love this idea! It has been discussed, but it should be brought up again. The devs do read a lot of what we write here. Getting people excited about an idea will help it get done.

The devs like the idea, we just need it to move from “considering” to “working on”

I think it would bring a different perspective to raids and possibly make the “I hate raids” posts go away for at least a while.

I think it is a good idea and would implement some more strategy into raid teams (offense and defense).

Just adding another configuration to consider, I like this one, and I think it would be pretty unique for raids/war.

Things to point out about this option

  • There are two tank positions. The center column is split between both tanks (minions 2 and 3) - tile damage from column D hits both tanks at 1/2 damage, but those tiles charge both tanks!
  • The hero in Mitsuko’s position only charges from turn-based mana regeneration. Once both of the tanks are gone, Mitsuko is now taking three columns of tiles (C - E).
  • The flanks are only susceptible to tiles from A and G. In addition, since the flanks are now moved out to the traditional wing position, they are less likely to receive tiles at all, meaning they charge more slowly.
  • Even after clearing out both tanks, there are still no open columns to ghost tiles. In the traditional alignment, clearing out the tank opens column D, and then each additional hero cleared opens another one or two columns, depending on position.
  • Hitting Mitsuko with a Hit-3 attack (e.g. Grimm) now hits all five targets!
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I think it has been talked about before, but without a doubt, the feature that would add the single most depth and increased strategy, hero diversity and challenge would be the option to add different defensive formations, both in wars and normal defense. There are so many heroes that are left out but that would have a perfect spot in new defensive formations, it would really, imo, take the game to new unprecedented heights.
Now to take one step farther, I have designed possible formations that would follow the basic rules of the current formations:

  • 7 tile corridors
  • 3 hero depth level possible
  • One hero who covers 3 corridors and 4 heroes who cover 2 each (if a formation would allow more then one hero to cover 3 corridors then it would become an unbalanced ghost tile stopper)
  • Each hero must have only 2 neighboring hero, to keep powers that affect ‘‘nearby heroes’’ balanced

So I have the inverted V:


The Double tank or ‘‘W’’


The Big back tank


The asymetrical gambit (lol)


The big front line with protected snipers


Really…really interesting topic, my friend! :wink: the W formation it’s intriguing me so much…

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And people would be loving their Cheshire Cat heroes


Here is an old disscusion


My view is if somebody will change his formation on any of your suggestions it will make his team weaker. Specialy W or M formations are the worst ones. You can know them from map cleaning. If you shoot on middle player with Hero like Grimm it will make minor damage for all Heroes. Current defence formation is the best option in all.


Anything that keeps the game fresh and makes me want to drag out some different heroes is a great idea, in my opionion.

This game has so much potential.


I get what you are saying, and there might be a meta where the original ‘‘V’’ is the average best option, but for sure in this scenario (as stated in my premises) Grimm wouldn’t hit all enemies, always just 3. It’s easy to do, the developers are not stuck with normal map mob rules.
I could see though the ‘W’ or the asymmetrical one with two very fast heroes (like GM, Margaret, Kage) of 2 different colors in the front be a really interesting option.

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Or the Big front line with a regular good tank like Guinn or Aegir, and fast heroes on the side that will charge faster then on the usual ‘‘V’’ formations

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Like mentioned grimm would potentially hit all 5, but this works both ways, perfect riposte would also work on all 5 if put center in W or M formation.

So this could be interesting. All formations have their pro’s and con’s.

It is worth investigating if you ask me.


This is an awsome idea… its a fight game and would give raids (pvp battles) some real meaning , doesnt meter if ur strong/weak , implementing some strategy in wars/raids is amazing to prevent that everything become routine . Rly great idea :wink: Voted !


This is a great suggestion as it would most certainly bring some new strategy options like using 2 or 3 tanks.

Question though.

Do you think the formations should be displayed when opponents are chosen/displayed and when your chosing your attack team? Or not.


I believe i read this idea before somewhere but i can’t find the thread. mod can move this to existing one.

I’m an old player and recently feel so bored with current raid format which is in “V” shape (aka: 1 tank 2 flank 2 corner). Please SG make a variety of defense team shape, not only “V” format but can be “inverted V” (aka 2 corner front, 2 flank and 1 middle in the back) or “W” shape or “M” shape. This will give some refreshment and new strategy to the game that ignite spark for old players.

Current raid with V shape already obsolete and boring in my opinion


Here it is:


I love this idea. It would add so much depth and variety to the game. Making less used heroes viable. Entirely new strategies of attack and defense. I really hope the developers consider this idea.

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Merged. Thanks @jinbatsu for making the connection! :heart_decoration:


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