Alternate heroes position between fighting

Is it possible to alternate heroes position in team? For example, Colen moves from right to left and Bane moves left to right during fighting or do event. This is idea to step forward of the game.

You saying about changing heroes positions IN fight? No.

I would like creator/programmer to develop game @Radar1

You can change positions of your heroes between fights.
You can use:
Bane-colen-Joon-elena-merlin(firt heroes in my head)
After fight with that you can use
And every heroes setup you want.
But if you are IN battle raid, farming, titan battle you must using setup choosen before fight was start. You can’t change hero positions when you making raid etc. etc.

If it can develop it is good for player. @Radar1

Of course but this can be too powerfull in some situations

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