Alternate Hero Lineups for Alliance Wars

Currently when you fight in AW your hero lineup is always the same. The central tank dominates and protects the two flank heroes who in turn protect the two wing heroes. This is the same lineup we see all the time in the game. It is used for raids and titans, it is used when attacking monsters in the storyline levels. It has come to the point where for top alliances there is little variation anymore in wars. Everyone has a Guin tank.

On the other hand, the monsters that we face in the storyline levels use all kinds of different lineups. Even in the challenge events when you reach the last level the three heroes you face are lined up with the central hero behind the other two. In that lineup there is no “tank”. I think that AW could be enhanced greatly by changing the lineup used from war to war.

Instead of the current “V” lineup we could be using a reverse “V” where the wings are out front, or a “W” where the two flanks are tucked behind the tank and the wings, or a reverse “W” where the two flanks basically become dual “tanks”.

This would add another element to the strategies for AW and make each war unique instead of doing the same strategy over and over.

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