Alternate Hero Configurations

I love the strategic element of the game, and the multiplicity of possible hero skills and combinations is a massive draw for me.

I wonder if it would be too difficult to add alternative hero formations to the game? Right now, as far as I can tell, there is only one arrangement for heroes during raids, and that is with one hero in the front row, two in the second, and three in the back. If we could choose alternate formations—say, two frontline and three in the back; or three in the front and two in the back; or three in the front, two in the second, and one on the back; et al.—the strategic possibilities would be greatly expanded, and the balance of slower AoE and fast-attacking single-strikers would be even more complex. It might allow developers more freedom in the creation of new and more diverse characters, as it would be easier to justify the creation of more specialized characters, and it would certainly open up gameplay options for raid configurations.

Also, if it were possible to include a difficulty rating or a chance-to-hit based on one’s position in a formation—both for raids and for other battles—whereby players in the front row are easier to strike and players in the back row are more difficult to land clean shots on, that could add an interesting wrinkle to the game as well (particularly as things stand now, with tanks and AoE heroes being considerably disadvantaged in titan battles and raid attacks).

Monsters already have several options in terms of their configurations, so increased hero formation options doesn’t seem too difficult an option to implement. I don’t know about “to hit” odds, but these seem calculated in at least some sense (at least in terms of “blinded” attacks).

Just a thought… Thanks for listening, and for creating for us a fun little game.

All the best,


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