Alternate Epic Hero Tokens and the Means of Obtaining Rare Items

I wish there were a way for the average player to not have to rely on chance to get a legendary hero. What about an alternative hero token that would allow for a player to choose a legendary hero of their choice. Players could save up their Epic hero tokens and exchange a bunch of them for a Legendary Hero token which would allow a player to choose instead of doing a bunch of pulls with the possibility of getting nothing or an a legendary hero they already have. Other than finishing in a top spot for the challenges events, there’s not really a way to earn legendary heroes free of chance. I think it would be an improvement if aspects of this game allowed for players to earn the things that are needed to be competitive rather than having to rely solely on chance to obtain them. Side thought: same goes for legendary ascension items. Removing only the option of chance for these things and replacing it instead with an additional option to obtain them through other means might improve overall enjoyment. Just some thoughts.

Guranteed legendary heroes were never a good idea.
Another advantage for paying players that can get more easily the tokens than F2P players.

There are guaranteed ascension mats but it pretty much takes forever to get enough through that way anyways.

I get that but the game already favors players that pay. The game is naturally structured that way. The more you pay, the more pulls you get and the more likely you are to get legendary heroes. And the players who spend the most money more likely than not already have most if not all of the legendary heroes anyways. It’d be a way for F2P players to not necessarily have multiples of the same legendary if they’d rather have a specific one. Removing chance as the only way to get legendaries would allow for F2P to actually work towards the reward of one rather than it be random luck and possibly sticking them with one they already have.

Depending on hero the P2W players would collect multiple of them. Especially as some mats are buyable they will build a unbeatable rooster for e.g. War or defense. Currently they are limited to luck as everyone else.