Alternate background music request


I am dirty,
I come to you today with the request for new music to be introduced to the Providence levels. I spend hours upon hours grinding in one level and become bored to death with the same Little tune playing in the background all the time, every time.
If I make a simple request and suggestion that there perhaps be six or more different background musics played randomly while fighting in the Providence levels. It is not much, but it is something to alleviate the complete boredom that comes with grinding. Not only in my fighting the exact same monsters over and over, I am being tortured with the exact same theme music for hours also. I have even begun to hear this music in my sleep. It’s gotten to the point where I have to turn the sound off making it even more boring to grind.
It is my hopes the other players can back me on this and agree completely. You have the technology you can rebuild it. It is a question of ergonomics, making repetitive things more comfortable for the user.
I am Dirty, and I speak for those who are near audible death.


I have to agree with dirty. The monotonous grinding should be enough to deal with, without the same bgm over and over again. Please make this little change so. Thanks


I’ve been playing with the music off for ages… :expressionless:


Totally agree with Dirty, and like Rook I have played for many months without the music on.
Please Devs…for those of us on the endless grind …give us some relief !!


Well. Good CG, good game. About BGM, please, acess our smrtphone Music Média Folder to we play our Own musics.
To permit This feature, supose that Player do XYZ works like Hércules.


I forgot there was music because I turned it off after the first week of play. :neutral_face: