Alt vs Main In Alliance Wars?

We have played with some people using alt accounts and it made me curious.

Although most seem to be at different levels, both as players and their alliance level…a couple have been fairly close.

Has anyone ever been in an alliance war against the alliance where their other account is playing? Do your loyalties lie with one or the other?

I think it would be interesting to attack yourself from both sides and see how your defense holds up!:sunglasses:

why not just put both accounts in the same alliance .

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Not sure, but I am sure some people do that too. The ones I have talked to have their first one, then started one just free or cheap to play, using the experience they have already, to see how it progresses.

If it ever happen i will kick my main account @ss :face_with_monocle:


Yup. Me too… Alt has absolutely zero chance of beating my main.

Same here…level 24 against 53??? TP 2800 vs. 4090??? No chance for my new account…

My alt and main are in the same alliance…my main gets jealous of my alt because the alt gets much better boards but has worse heroes so can’t take advantage of them…lol

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A little off topic, but still having to do with familiars. As raids are more of an individually triggered event (regardless of alliance status), has any one ever encountered a raiding opponent who belong to the same alliance?

Not in alliance wars, but I have rolled myself (i.e. the other account). was interesting to see.

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