Alt and main don’t swap

I’m stuck in one account. I have two accounts in E&P on iOS and now every time I change between them I get my Alt. This happened with the latest iOS update. I just want some feedback. My main is in 7DR and I did spend something on both my accounts but mostly in my main. I love the game. Some feedback would be kindly appreciated.

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It’s the same for me… since this afternoon I can’t change accounts. I have deleted the app and installed again and now even don’t recognize the account and starts like a new game

I’m having the same problem today, and it started before I updated my iOS. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on both, so I hope this gets resolved quickly. I sent a support ticket.

After poking around other game forums, this is an E&P problem. I guess the only thing to do is stop giving them money until they fix it.

I can’t swap out my teams. When I try to look at my teams, all I get is a blank screen and I do not see any heroes. If O go to fight a titan or try to go farming, I cannot tell which team is loaded. So, I can farm or fight, but I cannot change my team and I have no idea which team has been selected until I actually am farming or fighting. Is this a known bug?

Same here. One device, two Apple IDs (main account and children) = 2 accounts (Level 24 and Level 39). We have never had any problems, now the same account (the smaller one) opens on two different Apple IDs. We spent a lot of time and money on both accounts. It would be nice if the problem could be rectified immediately. Thanks a lot and best regards.

It’s Alt plus Tab.

Jokes aside, seems like it’s a problem with IOS new update. I don’t have any problem switching accounts on Android.

It’s fixed now for me. :smile:

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