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I cannot purchase any offer I’ve purchased previously. Currently when I try to purchase the Valor Pass, it says YOU ALREADY OWN THIS ITEM. I’ve cleared all browser history, cache, etc…uninstalled and reinstalled the app and rebooted my phone. How can I get the Valor Pass?

Still no answer from shg. Have cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, restarted the phone. Lol ooks like a long-term bug. I can purchase other offers so this is NOT a Google issue.

Attached screenshot:

You need to contact the in-game support, they will fix it for you.

Happened to me once with a different offer. They said it was “a rare bug”.

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Thanks Bunny! I’ve been waiting to hear back from them for two days now. I suppose I have 40 some days to get it fixed to collect all those extra rewards.

Support seems stuck. They’ve been real persistent but none of their troubleshooting has resolved the issue. Do you remember what they did? I’d love to give them some guidance on getting this fixed.

I don’t really need the tabbard from this PoV but will need the next one :wink:

Quite obviously not the ‘rare bug’ suggested, after experiencing this for the 5th time over the past few weeks. An alliance mate has had the same problem several times as well .
None of the suggestions have worked . On a brighter note, no frustrations from horrid summons and money saved . :rofl:

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