Already have the card? Get the Costume too!

Will people leave because of Emblems?
Will people leave because of Telly nerf?
Will people leave because of LB?
Some were troubled and some celebrated

Remember the uproar… :point_right: here… when Finley and GM’s costumes floated out?

You’d be hard-pressed to find celebration over this move! And then this happened:

Also, during the AMA Tim said,

“this is now something we have on our agenda

Ok, I think we all understand:

Now NEW drivers can go faster in the hov lane. Ok…Business is business

This is swinging the pendulum in the other direction!

We don’t have a choice. These new costumes are coming. And they will carry consequences…

I strongly believe, that your revenue will be greater with higher retention numbers, if these unstoppable costumes are included for all those that already have the card.

This isn’t a Costume Chamber revenue-loss issue,
where S1 buffs are confined and will suffer the consequence, regardless!


Do not make people pay again

For something they already paid for!

You have to know…
that isn’t going to happen!
Those that have not…will still pay you!
Those that have…will be infuriated

If costumes are supposed to be balance
Then it shouldn’t be so…

I’m certain that celebration would be more profitable.
and it’s not too late to respect your
long term customers

I suspect it isn’t going to happen (given that I had to pull Frank a second time to get the costume), but I agree, it would be a very nice move, especially considering how extremely rare some of these are (Finley 0.2%, Gravemaker and Alberich some tiny fraction of a percent…) I would theoretically benefit from Finley, but don’t have any of the other ones, so I’m not looking for my own benefit.

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Yeah. Same…

Is this what happened? You had to?
You kept paying until you got the Frank costume?

The difference between these event costumes and S1 is the previous purchase!

It’s not too late
for them to turn the corner here.
But the longer they don’t…
The more stories like yours
(but in greater regard for chasing 5’s)
will compound by the handful of players with no concern for spending limits.

While the rest who already spent to have a hero like Inari or Aeron will feel insulted.

Where do you suppose the population numbers are, between those 2 groups?

  • There is no reason to fear the gap
    between whales and the rest:

Whales play with all the OP new toys.
New toys don’t come with costumes.
Yet, they deliver income
And will continue to do so!

Costumes can compete!
But not really surpass…
That’s good for the player base which is good for SG’s retention numbers!

  • There’s no reason to fear SG will go broke:

The have-nots will still chase :money_mouth_face:
And the haves…will stick around!

The biggest reason to NOT do this
Is whales complaining they already paid for it, and now it is given, only to those…
Who Already Paid…!
So it is not… freely given

Therefore…don’t dilly dally!

Or you risk asking hundreds of thousands who already paid
… to pay again

That is a very poor business decision

Show us that long-term-customers
Are not something to scrape off your shoe


“Had to” if I wanted it. Got it from EHTs.

Krampus has a costume in beta…

So Ludwig will likely have a costume next year as well.

Meanwhile… why did they make the chamber to begin with? Still no answer for that, instead just a release announcement.
Were S1 falling behind?
Did S1 need a boost?

Ok… pay… for S1 costumes in the chamber. Those originals are free.
And the costumes are next to degrade.
But now…

How excited are you Krampus owners?

Will you pay for him again?
12 months later…

Or should the player with dupes of S1
nine costumes of S1 4*
and one 5* costume…
get nothing extra there!
And 3-4 event heroes (Krampus included after spending money his grandma put under the tree). What will break if he get costumes for a card he already paid for?

What will break if everyone gets a costume for a card they already paid for?

There’s no way whales will stop dumping money on new toys

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It’s too late, now

Have fun purchasing balance E&Peeps


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I’ve never spent gems on this portal, and I don’t intend to change that. :wink:


This is crazy…

From Titan Mafia:


All the spenders I know in all the
Line chats I visited, if they didn’t have GM…They chased!
GM buttered SG’s bread, for years

And now all those players who contributed to SG’s financial success…
After feeling elation to have pulled that card… Now this…
They actually think people will pay…

What a slap-in-the-face !!
As a long term customer, I feel insulted.

Just like Hilaria said:

I’ve made a lot of accurate predictions,
Here’s my final one.

Effect on Population:

  • Old Spender’s say,

And get tired of watching their hard earned cash suffer continual diminutive effects at a faster and faster pace.
In larger numbers they begin looking for a different game that treats their players with respect.

  • New Big Spenders jump out in front, but recognize the obvious power creep pattern more rapidly and question spending as well.

  • Fresh Blood hit the paywall within the first month and quickly exit as they experience what can only be described as:

The population already has cancer.
And being forced to pay for balance,
Will have it spread as rapidly as their new creeps do.

Have we become so blinded by the portal’s shimmer that we can’t recognise a sinking ship? The devs don’t care at all about their product anymore. By now their only goal is reaching the Zynga imposed monthly target revenue, by any means. The new events are forced upon us faster than we can swallow. The new heroes have deadly skills and tanky stats but they have no individuality and personality. The game has grown like a jungle, with an overwhelming amount of new skills and links and mechanics and mana speeds and passive skills and passive resistances and stupid things and decisions like feinds in no heal tounaments and very fast LB+20 Alfrikes (soon) and nereby positions decided by numbers and nerfing the mana link and so on… It’s clear as daylight, or at least it should be, they’re milking the cow and have no concern towards what happens to the poor animal (to be read E&P). Somewhere down the road, people will stop spending, the servers will shut down and we’ll, at last, be at peace…

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The idea is simple. If a hero gets nerfed, when the time comes that they receive a costume in game, everyone who summoned the hero prior to the nerf receives the costume for free.

This is a good compromise even if it’s not ideal, it at least means that when the new shiny costume version hero comes out it’s received for free.


When those costumes come around and others who have been nerfed, give them to everyone who summoned for them before the nerfs were implemented.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Sweet dreams my friend.

This would defeat SGG costumes’ purpose.

To sell balance patches

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As long as people keep buying, SGG will keep selling.

But in costume your 5* becomes a different hero.
And you don’t get 5* heroes for free …. Not in this game anyhow

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Merge option:

And good luck catching the ship
that already sailed

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Not exactly true when an eht brings you a seasonal 5*, or dropped event coins give you a hero like Black Knight like it did for me.

Rare, most definitely but certainly not like you said.

@Dudeious.Maximus my suggestion was to discuss exclusively the idea of receiving the costume, if you had the original before they got nerfed and then they came out with a costume later. Not just if you had the original you should get the costume. Why was the topic merged?

Its bascially the same thing being this is ideas and features staff tend to read these threads … Your topic would get lost in the abyss of the forum this way if they do actually read this your comment would be more visible.

I highly doubt anyone going to get a costume for free due to changes … (so i doubt they will actually read this thread as it is not on a priority of theres)

Folk still want …

Folk still asking

People been asking for stuff for ages because of nerfs and nothing had been given back … Mats emblems… Food … Iron … Its really imo not worth asking as never going to happen.


Prob vixx not gonna delete that post yeah :roll_eyes::wink:

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