Alpha-Beta Spaghetti - a verse for Season Two


With much guesswork and conjecture being enjoyed by all (including me) regarding the the upcoming Atlantisian Apocalypse, here’s a verse on the current mood…

Could it be a distant dream?
Or a long forgotten fantasy?
Season Two is imminent
And it looks a bit Atlantis-y

All the mills across the lands
Are grinding rumour,
Instead of hams
The forum chatter becoming manic
Wise Dante councels ‘Do not panic.’

400 gems just for a pull?
Do they take me for a fool?!
All Zeline’s power gone
And they made her put some trousers on…

Coins for passing every stage
Are they enough to earn a wage?
With, at last, the truth revealed
Fight to Play’s fate is sealed!

Players pause in every nation
Aghast by doomsday speculation
But hold your fire
Wait for the data
Season Two is still in Beta

P.s. apologies for line 4, Atlantis is a pig to rhyme and I couldn’t squeeze in a praying mantis

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I totally lost it, when I got to the trousers part! :joy::joy:… another excellent verse, dearest bard of Empires!


Have you conjured up a typo, @Witch? You’ll have to spell it out for me :wink:


20 charac. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got it…much obliged


Second the trousers, best laugh in a while :joy:



Still not a moderator