Alpha Aether's for troops

I have like 0 skill and opening my wallet is only way I can play this game. I guess that’s my problem :moneybag:


I love your sarcasm !! :heart:


Then you are literally too slow for this game…in 5 years atleast 1 rainbow troop set has to be at 29(mana break) 30 isn’t necessary i ignore that heal bonus

No it doesn’t, don’t talk nonsense. There are plenty of players that have played 5 years without rainbow 29 troops, and they do just fine.


Gee, thanks so much for the encouragement :+1:

This is a marathon, and I don’t need to be first.

Maybe you’re too fast … :person_shrugging:

PS I have three other sets at 11, and since I tend to stack that is more important than getting one to 29.

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It really isn’t.
Marathons have what’s called a finish line.
And in this game…
There is no finish line.

There is the mirage of completion. But thanks to upgrading materials, that compound at a whale’s pace, by the time even they get there…the finish line has moved and there is only sand to drink.

Hence why aether for troops is a great idea!
For the devs…

No worries. We won’t be.
Reveling in mediocrity still, is NOT free!
Far too much time is paid out,
For connecting 3 tiles to be free for anyone

Just wanted to post my comment in case @SG is reading this please put more offer up for master troop trainers please still working on my troops. You put trainer hero’s offer up every week it should be the same for master troop trainers as well please make it a weekly offer thanks

After 4 years of playing i’ve got 1 set of mana’s at 29. Second set at 17 rest at 11. Don’t want to put in more time and recourses in my troops. For me it’s a big NO!!!

2* and 3* mana’s on the other hand would be a nice addition….

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I pay out exactly as much time as I am willing to give.

It is a marathon as opposed to a sprint. There doesn’t need to be a finish line if you are only interested in a participation trophy. And since there isn’t a finish line there are only participation trophies (represented by the entertainment derived from playing).

Not everyone plays this game competitively (except perhaps internally in my case).

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Nobody… not even spenders would call this game a sprint. The person your replying to said

It’s not a sprint
It’s not a marathon

It’s trying to run in quicksand. And there are many chores you can do to keep from sinking.
Many more chores…
Than there used to be.

Which again…
is exactly why this topic is a great idea!
For the devs…

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The person I replied to was chiding me for being

Which implies that their way is the only way to play.

You on the other hand continually imply that there is NO way to play.

Both are wrong.

Marathon and sprint are metaphors, not literal races. But perhaps you take things too literally.

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Yeah… that does suck. Truly.

I don’t think I’m the only one at the forum who gets bludgeoned with false implifications.
That also sucks and gets old.

I agree with the metaphor when I started.
Maybe even used it once or twice.
Now after watching the finish line move so many times, it’s left a bad flavor for me. One that I find more of a cliche than a metaphor


But that’s no reason you need to experience quick sand either.

You’re right. And I have experience with sarcasm.


Only if you could level troops with every color. But again lvl 50 is too much. Lvl 30 is already too much. This will benefit only the spenders. No.

Oh, no, please, delay that by two or three months. That’s what I need to get a full set of mana troops to 30 after 5 years of daily grind… let me get that feeling of closure, please… break troops to lvl 200 then for all I care, but let me see how it feels to have a maxed set :grin::grin::grin:

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FWIW I think the original idea proposed here is a terrible one, and IMHO would in no way shape or form enhance the game experience.

Plz no. 20 characters of horror

I disagree. It’ll take those meta defense teams less than a minute to give me an L. I view it as a significant time savings…

Why stop at 50? Unlimited