Alot of recently DISCOURAGED gamers, my .02

We’ve all read the Unhappy posts put forward by longtime gamers here. I’ve been playing and spending here for 7 months and I’ve heard it all.
I’ve mentioned before my dissapointment in this games lack of DEPTH and RE-PLAYABILITY. It has DECIDEDLY become one sided in the fact that story mode has taken a backseat to ONLINE P2W gaming.
Don’t offer story mode, then not intend on immediately following up with a new season for casual gamers all the while INCREASING raid mechanism and AW capabilites constantly. You’re soflty forcing NOOBS and casual gamers to PAY or GET OUT, IMO.
Roll out season 2 ASAP ( and offer GOOD rewards for season completion)
Offer MORE Side games/Mini-quests, SINGLE PLAYER GAMES.
Offer an alchemy center for breaking down/creating battle items and crafting items, etc

In short, you;ve lost sight of the casual gamers that enjoy storymode.


Don’t think rolling out season 2 needed…

They should def chg the raid system as suggested by one of the forum threads

It’s utterly annoying to reach plat, diamond, etc, it to sleep and get dropped and rinse repeat seq…
Gets boring real fast!

There’s a certain degree of satisfaction when finally getting over that hump and being able to stay consistently in diamond without being kicked back down to platinum regularly.
So far though, I haven’t found the diamond tier loot to be worth the additional hassle in filling raid chests.

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I just earned platinum and struggle to stay out of Gold

I do, I think that the DEVS and players could have the best of both worlds b/c offering season II isn’t mutually exclusive

In terms of depth, I agree the story is wafer thin.

I’ve started doing some world building of my own to keep it interesting.

I’d love some more input, if it floats your boat


LOVE IT! SG should hire you

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