Almur's Poison doesnt work

My enemy, Marjana dont receive 22 poison damage when my almur has low health. Please fix this

The only explanation that may come here is that war field bonus is “War equalizer”. This cleanses everything. And we can see it just fired a turn ago and maybe cleansed that poison.
But i am not sure how it does work with status ailments that “Can NOT be cleansed”, because Almur’s Realm bonus poison is supposed to be unable for cleanse. This War Equalizer maybe cleanses everything, including those which by description can not be cleansed.

War Equalizer REMOVES everything;

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Do you know does it automatically activate next turn, or does Almur need to be healed and then brought back to low hp for it to activate again.

It has to activate again, see my one older post about it:

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What I find interesting is that I just recently noticed as was stated in the previous thread that the Monk talent can resist this effect.

The interesting part is that if Monk talent can resist this effect then a plausible deduction would be that you would be able to stop the casting of such effect by using Malosi (Target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies) but this was not the case:

Malosi can only stop effects from hero’s specials, he doesn’t stop triggering talents or applying realm effects.

It was discussed for example here:


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