Almur or Melendor?

Who would You max first Almur or Melendor? I have shields for only one of them. melendor is at 3.60 at the moment and I have his costume… I didn’t touch almur yet.any advice?

I would do Melendor first. A healer is useful in almost every situation. Almur is also a great hero but he is much more niche.


Almur - unless you have an alternative green elemental defense down

Very limited info to make a decision here. If you’re not a newish player, then Almur as you should have plenty of Mel substitutes.

If Mel is your best healer then ride him out. Otherwise Almur. He’s not the best in rainbow but he’ll be key in mono green.

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If no green 4* or better healer maxed melondor then almur.


Need more info to make the best decision

  1. Who do you have emblems for? Druid or Sorcerer?
  2. What other healers and dispellers do you have?
  3. What other Green hitters do you have to take advantage of Almur’s elemental def down?

In a vacuum, I would say Melendor first especially since you have his costume. He is useful in Map stages, Quests, and Tournaments. With the costume bonus + either +2/+4 mana generation node, he can also get down to 9 tiles with a mana troop, making him more or less similar speed with Almur’s fast 8 tiles.

Almur’s main strength is the elemental def down which is great against Titans, and if you have other strong Green hitters.


This is my roster so far. I have some decent 4 stars but it will be a long time to level them all. Not to mention the 5*…

Almost everybody seems to agree on Melendor, so I think he’s getting the shields first

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As for the emblems. +6 wilzard

You ask for Almur vs Melendor… my answer, based on your roster is Brynhild…

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Yes, I was about to say the same thing till I saw your reply. Brynhild is very sturdy and hard to beat in raids/war to. Would definitely do Bryn first, then Almur.

I would do Almur first. There are plenty of healers to help you get better, green elemental down are tough to get! And after that I find Brynhild a better choice than Melendor.

Just got her recently when Melendor was already well in progress. Never gave her to much thougt over Melendor as he hes better stats and he affects all allies. So maybe leave Melendor where he is for now, level almur and then brynhild as I already have a green4* healer?

At the moment I’m working on Shrubbear, cochin, ulmer, sudri and wu Kong for titans. After that I was thinking cyprian, melia, kiril, sonia, boril not sure yet who… almur and jahangir or squire wabbit. Good choices or would You level somebody else?

Melandor 100%. Almur can do the job at 3.60 so no need to rush him now.

Melandor is also better than Brynhild especially at your level since the debuff is really really valuable notably against those boril/Cyprian tanks.

I still use cMelandor and I have 30+ max 5* while I never use Brynhild…

Just saw you have Rigard + costume…
Rigard 100 times first! :ok_hand:t2:

Of course the almur :wink:


Thanks for the advice. I’ve got one more question, are 3 star heroes good enough for wars? If I would have 5 or is it 6, teams of fully leveled 3 star teams would I make a difference? Or are they to week for wars?

It depends of your alliance. If you are used to face fully ascended 5* stars then do not count on 3* to make a difference even for finishing the opponent it may be challenging.

However against 4*/3* heroes you can have a use of them.

As far as I’m concerned I would recommend to only fully leveled 3* that are usefull for events