Almur leveling bug?

I have leveled Almur to 3-10, and his special ability has never increased from feeding him 1&2* heros. It has only increased while ascending. The odds of missing every 30% chance is so incredibly small, I’m guessing there is a bug somewhere.

Even at low odds it’s still possible.

At 0.001% chance, there will still be (statistically) 10 people in 1 million who have that happen… Given that there are more than 1 million players playing, each levelling many more than 1x 4* hero each it’s entirely possible to occur…

Human’s just aren’t conditioned mentally to accepting that the “negative” or “long odds” could ever apply to them.

Another note; as every RNG aspect is independent of any previous occurrences (meaning that sequential odds are not affected by previous times) it is entirely possible to have the special skill NEVER go up… regardless if you are feeding at 30% every time or 99% every time… Merciless RNG as @Gryphonknight terms it :stuck_out_tongue:


Also peruse this thread for many other examples of ■■■■ times with levelling special skills:



I am sorry Merciless RNG has not been good to your Almur, but with the large number of players - and heroes in their rosters - we have seen a lot here on the forums

(Special refuses to level up - whats the worst you have seen? - #114 by Gryphonknight)

Fully leveled

This is one reason Devs adjusted odds once fully leveled

@Petri 's Déjà vu

and lots of forum time has been spent discussing it

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